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  1. Ryan Mooney


    Won't that leave some grit behind? I tend to avoid sanding before doing hand tool work but maybe the carbide is hard enough it doesn't matter?
  2. Ryan Mooney


    Man it looks great as it is... I have no suggestions in that regard because of that.. hah.
  3. Ryan Mooney

    Macassar Ebony box

    Bonus the wax is cooling on the ebony so you have less chance of cracking while sanding!
  4. Ryan Mooney

    Macassar Ebony box

    Nice piece. I like the soft polish you put on it, goes really well with the form and color.
  5. Ryan Mooney

    Shop Made Blast Gates

    Side note that most combination squares have a hardened scribe in the 90/45 head. My dad had been using a square for 30 years and didn't even know it was there and had a bit of a revelation when I pulled it out (it's hidden in the little round ended thing on the back of the head).
  6. Ryan Mooney

    PSA: MIG gun tips are consumables....

    Welded some washers to a bunch of chunks of rebar today for a project for a local museum (basically stakes we're putting in the ground so at least you can't see the welds..). I was having some feed issues so replaced the tip on the gun and VOILA!!! Suddenly I was getting half passable beads...
  7. Ryan Mooney

    New to me G0513X2 Setup

    Interesting, I had changed the tires on mine while on the saw and it wasn't "to bad"... The ability to rotate the wheels with a dowel under the tire to even the stretch was useful. I'll have to look @ the fence again, I think maybe I never noticed because I use it in low mode 90% of the time.
  8. Ryan Mooney

    Quick garden update

    Bit of an update. Long cool spring was good for cool weather crops, so we've been getting about all of the lettuce and greens we could want and maybe then a bit. We have a rounds of 5 or 6 houses plus us and the landowners we're dropping stuff off at now. How much we can give away sort of...
  9. Ryan Mooney

    Is Solar Worth it???????

    Another factor I've considered; If we move someplace not already connected and there's more than the "power company does it for free" distance for hookup (over one or maybe two power poles or any distance of trenching..) the connection cost starts putting a pretty good down payment towards...
  10. Ryan Mooney

    Is Solar Worth it???????

    There are some super interesting things that can be done with that, both for heating AND cooling. Combining some of the solarium/hot wall ideas with Solar Chimney's could make some SUPER interesting building designs (there are some really cool existing installations that have been around for...
  11. Ryan Mooney

    Is Solar Worth it???????

    Didn't pencil at my house because we have some of the lowest rates in the country, my house is in a bit of a shaded hole, and our usage is generally really low because of good insulation and such (I think our average monthly is below $50). Some friends just over the hill found it well worth...
  12. Ryan Mooney

    New to Me DP Gets the Add-on Light Feature

    That rockler table looks decent... I'd be tempted to use it for a while and see if there's things you don't like. That's a nice looking little light.
  13. Ryan Mooney

    Floating Cabinet with a Floating Top

    Nice, ended up super classy! I really like the wall hung pieces like this for ease of cleaning under them as well.
  14. Ryan Mooney

    Knife Making Fixtures

    Looks like a super functional setup and pretty easy to dial in. Thanks for sharing the details, much appreciated!
  15. Ryan Mooney

    Boy I got my come uppence this month

    Wow, bummer! I mean it could have been worse but it sure as heck could have been better as well! Here's to quick recovery and the docs getting stabilized on what you need to do to get there.
  16. Ryan Mooney

    Inherited Tools

    So sorry Glen, your dad is missed here as well. Certainly enjoyed conversing with him if only online in a limited way it was clear what a great guy he was. You'll have to at least turn some pens for old times sake :)
  17. Ryan Mooney

    Plumbing Outside Spigot

    Depending on how it goes I've had some luck making a deeper ... or occasionally cross.. slot with the dremel on such things. A smaller wheel is often beneficial for cutting in closer to the edges (wider slot)...
  18. Ryan Mooney

    Shop closed

    If they have inside plastic bits you want to strip that out.. Don't ask how I know.. The old all metal interior ones are kind of idea if you could still find one. I suppose once it's no longer threatening the lines.. not their problem. I assume the power co safety checked the area first at least.
  19. Ryan Mooney

    Bocote knife

    Can we get a picture of that jig pleeeasse? :unsure: :)
  20. Ryan Mooney

    Spinning wheel rebah.

    This is going to be kind of a long thread.. as there's a lot to do. I'm putting it in flatwork even though most of it's turning.. although there's going to be flatwork as well .. sooo... A friend picked up an old spinning wheel recently, I'm using it as a kick off point to rehab both it and...