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  1. Les Elm

    Four ..........

    Aero/Diablo Polymer Braid blanks ready for fittings. Les
  2. Les Elm

    Big Horn .................

    Ram c/w tracks along with a Bull Moose and Bull Elk c/w tracks. Applied on Curly Maple, finished with several coats of BSI CA and ready to install on PSI Bolt Action pen fittings. Les
  3. Les Elm

    Big Game ………

    Animals c/w tracks applied on Curly Maple blanks for the PSI 30 Cal Bolt Action pen kit. Includes 10 Whitetail bucks, 2 Bull Elk, 1 Bull Moose and 1 Bighorn Ram. Les
  4. Les Elm

    Due to ...............

    Testors no longer supplying Clear or white Waterslide decal paper I now use Sunnyscopa Inkjet decal paper with better results than Testors decal paper ever had. Finished up a few Sierra series pen blanks using mostly Curly Maple and some Birdseye Maple . Les
  5. Les Elm

    A Pair Of ..........

    George Jr. Screw Cap Rollerball / Fountain pen Braided Polymer blanks ready to install fittings that I finished last night and ready for shipment today. Les
  6. Les Elm

    Canadian .........

    Maple Leaf Black Chrome Sierra dressed up in one of my Braided Polymer blanks. Has a great tactile feel Les
  7. Les Elm

    Gun .................

    Metal/Rhodium Majestic Jr. Fountain Pen using some of my Braided Polymer material. Has a great tactile feel. Les
  8. Les Elm

    Antique ............

    Silver Professor (AKA Exemplar)Twist Action Ballpoint dressed up in one of my Black Braided Polymer blanks. A nice contrast with the Antique Silver and the braid has a great tactile feel. Les
  9. Les Elm

    Black .....

    Braided Polymer blanks on a Antique Nickel Berea 30 Cal Lever Action and the PSI Black Enamel / Gunmetal 30 Cal Bolt Action. These have a great tactile feel that customer love. Les
  10. Les Elm

    A Timber Wolf 🐺

    Along with two Bobcat and two Lynx applied on Curly Maple 🍁 All blanks are finished ready for installation on the original Brera Lever Action. Les
  11. Les Elm

    Customer Supplied .................

    Images I resized for Sierra series brass tubes and printed on waterproof matte inkjet ONLINE label paper that are ready for the DOGBONE HDPE molds. Les
  12. Les Elm

    Just Shipped .....

    Some more of my Polymer Braided pen blanks for the PSI Gearshift and the PSI Motorcycle Kickstart Action Ballpoint pen kits. These blanks are finished and ready to install pen kit fittings. They have a great tactile feel to them. Les
  13. Les Elm

    Made up Three ...........

    Of my Braided Polymer blanks for the PSI Magnetic Vertex Rollerball/ Fountain Pen for customer today. These are ready to install and have a great tactile feel to them. Les
  14. Les Elm

    Ready to Ship……

    Just finished up a customer Fly Fishing Pen Kit pen 🖊 Rainbow Trout on Curly Maple 🍁 for either right or left handed writer.
  15. Les Elm

    Guitars ............

    Label cast for the Sierra series pen kits looking for a home. Les
  16. Les Elm

    Customer Supplied.

    Images I printed for Sierra pen using ONLINE Waterproof labels ready to be clear cast with Polyester Resin.
  17. Les Elm

    Fly Fishing ............

    Pen kit Curly Maple blanks with applied Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout finished with 8 coats of BSI Thin CA applied between centers. Les
  18. Les Elm

    Three ......

    Customer label cast Schnauzer for the PSI Dog twist ballpoint cast using Alumilite Clear Slow resin. Was fun coloring the seam using 3 different colored sharpies Les
  19. Les Elm

    Ready to Ship...........

    Some customer fish Sierra series along with Bolt Action Mule bucks and Ring Necked Pheasants applied on Curly Maple. Les
  20. Les Elm

    Ready .......

    To ship. Sierra series label cast guitars and water slide decal Rainbow Trout on Canadian Curly and Birdseye Maple for the PSI Fly Fishing twist ballpoint pen kit. Les