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  1. David Johnson

    Loss of another wood worker

    Just had notification of passing of Norton Rockler. 98 years young. Founder of Rocklers. David
  2. David Johnson

    Covid danger

    To many people feel this virus is just a hoax, or fake news. Believe me it is very dangerous. Talked to my brother 3 weeks ago on a Thursday. Saturday he had ambulance take him to hospital. Sedated for just short of 3 weeks. December 7th the day that lives in infamy he passed away. In...
  3. David Johnson

    Holiday sales

    Had a call last night, need more cheese cutting boards. Lucky had a batch made up. This morning delivered 13 more boards. That's 27 in 2 months. Not getting rich but soothes the creative juices. David
  4. David Johnson

    Addition to resume

    Living in the country can be fun or not. Neighbors half mile away have free range chickens. Today they wandered into my yard. Ever try to herd chickens???? Not the brightest bulb in the stack. Would not shoo just kinda wandered around me. So got broom and used it to guide there clucking...
  5. David Johnson

    Spray paint

    After hand brushing the adirondak chairs I figured Spray painter is in my future. Looked at some at Harbor Freight from $ 39 on up. Not that it will be used extensively. What are some inexpensive models to consider? Working on a desk right l DO NOT wish for a hand painted job. It's back...
  6. David Johnson


    Just finished watching a Google post on CNC 3018, small machine an priced at 200.00 dollars. At this price point I feel I could jump into the pool. Looks simple enough to build and sturdy looking. What computer necessary for control, how about programming? I am just a beginner so treat me...
  7. David Johnson

    Project completed

    After much teeth gnashing and other problems I completed island end grained cutting board. Size was a bigger. No easy way to move around for working on it. Also weighted a bunch. Hope pictures do it justice. David
  8. David Johnson


    Really nice to have someone tolerate me for so long. Today LOML and I celebrate 55 years of wedded bliss. Not always smooth but we did persevere. Good times and not so good times. Both blessed with good health and sense of humor. She need it. Now for 25 more. David
  9. David Johnson

    Wife's dream

    LOML has always wanted a screened in gazebo. Came close several times in our married life but this past week it came to pass. Hit up Atwood's Farm and Ranch and came away with here wish. Built a deck to form flooring and keep off the grass and dirt. Gazabo sold as 10 x12 so made deck...
  10. David Johnson

    Christmas boards

    Got all the stuff made that I needed. Now proof of the pudding. Some of these are sold but others will be gifts. Had problems getting chrome handles but finally worked that out.
  11. David Johnson

    Bark stablizing

    What to use to seal and keep bark stable? Had a friend talk about charctuterie board yesterday. That's a fancy French name for cheese board. Went to limber yard this am for 15/16 maple and found a cedar board with a lot of character with bark edges. So a little bark stablizing and trimming...
  12. David Johnson

    Lumber purchase

    Just made a run to lumber mill. Bought a lot more than I planned but it was a nice sunny day. Wife wasn't too happy but she understood. Yeah right. Hickory 2.75 bf. Red oak 2.20 bf, Cherry 4.30 bf, black walnut 5.40 bf, maple 3.30 bf. All fas. Got to pick and choose through stacks. Made my...
  13. David Johnson

    Cheese boards

    Finished up boards. Sell some give some away. David
  14. David Johnson


    Working on my second Masterbuilt electric smoker. First one just died at 3 years old. Got another little bigger and more expensive. Two years later( now) this one decides not to heat over 110. 115 degrees. At first would go to 200 and that's all. Now the lower temp. Replaced heating...
  15. David Johnson

    Error in logout

    What's going on? Guys talking about picture posting. Then I begin logging off and come up with "bad gateway" . Can x out and I have logged out but seems weird. I'm not real computer so I'll let someone else look at this problem. Everything has been running fine till just 3 days ago. David
  16. David Johnson

    Dado blade set.

    Have a adjustable dado set which works ok on narrowr dadoes but 3/4 cuts makes a very unhealthy cut . Not flat at all. Need to look for another set of blades. What is recommended?. The reviews I've seen price wise and quality wise the De Walt dw7670 appears like winner. Don't do a lot of...
  17. David Johnson

    Plumbing work.

    Momma said hot water just trickles in her bathroom. Being a nice guy six months later I take a look and sure enough it barely trickles out. Easy fix right? Stuff in faucet body. Take apart it's clear. Remove feed Line. Aha bit of gravel, grit whatever, cleaned out and it worked. Line leak...
  18. David Johnson


    Any thoughts on proper glue techniques? Is it necessary to cover both sides of pieces with glue? Videos show single side coverage and also double coverage. Make a lot of cheese boards so need good tight joints. Always make sure of squeeze out, but not to much. Seems I can get that on...
  19. David Johnson

    Rigid table saw

    My Delta saw is going down on it's last kerf. Made a cutting board few weeks ago and had terrible time ripping the pieces. Hard maple and black walnut. Motor kept tripping out. Fairly new blade 40 tooth. Cleaned it throughly. To make sure it was ok. Been thinking on the 10" Rigid hybrid...
  20. David Johnson

    Spring and summer projects

    Here are some projects I've worked to completion this past 6 months. The cheese boards are gifts and I do have an outlet for a few at a deli market. Started off as to make a few bucks but as we all know that ain't going to happen. Just fun in the shop and let my mind wander for the board...