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  1. David Johnson

    New Guitar & Gun Workbench

    With those instruments you could use another bench. Just watch for the sharp edges. Ouch and more. David
  2. David Johnson

    Limbert Tables

    WOW !! What a arteian you are Rennie. I truely admire your craftsmanship. David
  3. David Johnson

    i may have forgotten to mention it....

    Good for you. Now looking for the tool discounts. david
  4. David Johnson

    Friday 5th

    Stayibg hidden this weekend. Marion Days is on us. 60000 or more Vietnamese descend on our lirrle town of 15000 population to celebrate there freedom from the Vietcong. It is a religious celebration so all is good, just CROWDED. Totally shut down 1/4 of streets atound the campus on which...
  5. David Johnson

    Happy Birthday Tom Baugues!

    Happy birthday Tom. Enjoy many more. David
  6. David Johnson

    A Quick Plane Ride

    Sounds good. The food maked me hungary. Noticed prop stopped turning, guess the air conditioner quit so you started sweating. David
  7. David Johnson

    More Clamp Racks

    Mike you must have some bucket list. David
  8. David Johnson

    Happy Birthday Bill Arnold!

    Enjoy another trip around the sun. Happy birthday David
  9. David Johnson

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Miss this time of year in Albuquerque. The aromas and just the vibes, Also balloon fiestival coming up. David
  10. David Johnson

    Inlay Conundrum

    By golly I think you have it. Excellent work. David
  11. David Johnson

    Happy Birthday Damian Lawrie!

    have a good birthday Damien. David
  12. David Johnson

    Personal Dilemma

    Being a transplanted New Mexican I find good mexican food hard to come by in other parts. Abuelo's in Columbus Oh and in Bentiville Ark and several other locations are supurb. The best comes from home' LOML cooks the best. Had a hard time getting good green chili' had to make the trip to...
  13. David Johnson

    Red Oak Bowl

    Very nice. Good grain. David
  14. David Johnson

    3 Drawer Cabinet

    Nice. Good size. David
  15. David Johnson

    Friday.. last for July

    No lawn mowing here. Haven't mowed since July 2. Hot and dry. Complete gravity smoker construction and burn in. Then clean garage of all recycle stuff. What amess building the masterbuilt smoker. That unit was really well packed. Now figure out what to smoke. Went to a grandsons play last...
  16. David Johnson

    Nuke school

    Congrgulations to Luke. Now the fun begins. David
  17. David Johnson


    Looks like ma real gathering. Always great when the famiy gets togather. David
  18. David Johnson

    Cutting Board with Inlay

    Great looking board. Tried that type inlay for me it was a no go. Dvid
  19. David Johnson

    car plaque

    Very Very nice. David
  20. David Johnson

    Busted up Christmas tree

    Yup got one of those Mom made 50 60 years ago. Comes out every Christmas, David