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  1. J

    High speed vs Low speed grinders

    Thank you all. Leaning toward the Tormek jigs and the Rikon slow speed grinder.
  2. J

    High speed vs Low speed grinders

    Need some assistance on a sharpenig system. I like the looks of the Tormek TNT-808. Thought I would like to buy their grinder to keep my purchase 'all in the family'. But when you see the Tormek grinder at 8 bills and the Rikon at 2 bills, and even the Wen at $150, it makes me wonder what is the...
  3. J

    Small Fruit Bowl

    What part of Arkansas are you in?
  4. J

    Heart Pine

    Pine gets a bad rap as a 'plain jane' wood. But when it's right it's right!
  5. J

    One year into it.

    Let me know what you think. I've had the lathe about a year and I'm totally hooked now. I needed a hobby that kept me closer to home and this has worked out well for me. The bigger bowl is 11 in and made from Walnut. The smaller Bowl is a crotch that I cut this winter and have no idea what kind...
  6. J

    What wood is this ?

    Not joking here....did you crave BBQ when you cut it? Had some hickory a couple of years back and you could smell it when you cut it!
  7. J

    What's it worth?

    Never been into one. Started turning a year ago. That's what I thought also. Kinda like a box of chocolates!
  8. J

    What's it worth?

    A friend texted me this picture today. 14" Hickory. Asks me, "what's it worth?"