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  1. glenn bradley

    Assonet Ma. Sunset

  2. glenn bradley

    Friday, all day 8/12

    Exactly. Today we choose . .. or I choose.
  3. glenn bradley

    Friday, all day 8/12

    (read sarcasm here) Big plans today . . . we will decide on floors and counter tops for the bathroom remodels today or I will know the reason why.
  4. glenn bradley

    Something different

    When Dave says "something different" my imagination runs wild before I even get the thread open. Like Don, I am familiar with the look but if I ever knew the history it had gotten lost in my emptying upstairs attic. Always enjoy your posts Dave.
  5. glenn bradley

    Happy Birthday Don Baer!

    Shoot something for me :D . Have a great one Don.
  6. glenn bradley

    Match Fit Right Angle Fixture

    Woke this one up to add that I used the fixture as a tenon jig this morning on some planters for LOML. . Worked fine.
  7. glenn bradley

    Say What?!

    When lawyers do cocaine :D During my career my dealings with AWS I.T. staff instilled no confidence whatsoever in doing serious business with them beyond my own retail shopping :whistling: .
  8. glenn bradley

    I'll Be Danged

    Bite your tongue. It is true that we don't ask if there will be fires this summer but rather, when.
  9. glenn bradley

    "If only the course had been departed from"

    Condolences. A challenging experience to be sure. I have experienced a few unexpected changes in the trajectory of my life. I was not one to have long range plans in my youth. A chance acceptance of an invitation to a get together with friends from times-gone-by led me to my current path. I...
  10. glenn bradley

    Performax 16-32 sandpaper

    Wait . . . , the 16-32 uses 4" wide paper? I order large rolls of whatever Klingspor or Industrial Abrasives has on sale and cut my own.
  11. glenn bradley

    Cheap but indispensable tools

    A good point on the different types of plastic. Many solvents will eat through the hard, clear plastics like wedding-party champagne glasses are made from. Others will eat other plastics but if you use those chemicals you probably know what they are. I have a Dixie cup dispenser for epoxy...
  12. glenn bradley

    How many of you use Incra rulers?

    I have the T-3 and T-6. The T-3 gets the bulk of the use since when I am doing that sort of layout it is often involving joinery at the end or edge of the material. I also have a little business card sized rule that is handy for laying out from an inside surface. I have 5mm mechanical pencils...
  13. glenn bradley

    Cheap but indispensable tools

    Not really tool but like others, toothpicks, wooden coffee stirrers, q-tips. All of these can often be had for free or picked up for next to nothing on the clearance table. The wife knows to keep all the pudding and yogurt cups the grandkids eat up. I have two bins in the shop. One for...
  14. glenn bradley

    Limbert Tables

    A wonderful companion to the other piece(s?). The inlay really pops and that is a trick I will tuck way for future use.
  15. glenn bradley

    Plant Stands

    This particular demonic porcine beast only seems to like to chew cardboard. Other wooden items in the yard have been un-bothered. Most plants she couldn't care less. Some plants she thinks are a smorgasbord. We have moved off of most of those plants but, there are some we like that she also...
  16. glenn bradley

    Plant Stands

    OK, six legs of each profile, six legs per stand. I cut the half laps at the tablesaw. Two outer cuts and then a chop to remove the waste. These are fence boards and the spoil just pops out clean. I'm not going too precision on these things. I gang them with tape and rough draw a rounded...
  17. glenn bradley

    Plant Stands

    She's a little thing. Maybe 50 pounds. She is mostly pinkish. She just likes to rut in the mud while LOML is playing with her plants.
  18. glenn bradley

    Plant Stands

    This may be premature since I have a lot of yard work today :whistling:. LOML has a couple of fiberglass log planters meaning they look sort of like hollow logs but hold plants. The pig (her pet, my misery) likes to nibble or just plain knock over some of her plants and she would like these...
  19. glenn bradley

    More Clamp Racks

    A sure sign that I finally have enough . . . empty spots. I've used the same approach on the racks that I used when I acquired the clamps. I just kept buying a couple more until I stopped running out of them during glue ups. I've finally stopped running out of places to put them :D
  20. glenn bradley

    A Quick Plane Ride

    My neighbor's son was flying up to Camarillo just to put some time on a plane and asked if we would like to go. The airport restaurant there is really good so we jumped in. The ride is about 50 minutes and you pass within sight of the coast using the "small plane corridor" that is...