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  1. Toni Ciuraneta

    Cosman's box wood hinge attempt

    I have been wanting to make that Cosma's hinged box for a long time. So finally I decided to make a trial piece. I used a couple of hard maple scraps and here is the result. What I have learnt: I believe if the rod to be used to make the hinge had been cutout from the same board and side...
  2. Toni Ciuraneta

    Rapier restoration

    Hi guys. My father kept this 120+ year old rapier restoration in his "to do" list and sadly he passed away without doing it. I was 20 at that time and I kept it in my list as well, so I decided to do finally. The rapier is in pretty good condition, minor piting on the tip and the tipycal patina...
  3. Toni Ciuraneta

    What is art, and what is not, the endless debate.

    As I said this is a promising thread, only by debating we will be able to agree in certain points. I would like to start discarding a common misconception. Whatever piece we observe cannot or should not be considered “art” only because of the difficulty in its making. If that was so, any piece...
  4. Toni Ciuraneta

    Do you fancy some calisthenics?

    Hi guys. Sorry for not posting much lately, I am struggling with a carving I started during the lock down and that I have been taking on and off since then. So as since I retired last December I have been interested in calisthenics and I thought about making a pair of paralletes. Looking at the...
  5. Toni Ciuraneta

    This was meant to be a mock-up but...

    Yes, this was meant t be a mock up to check proportions, angles and measures of this meditation bench also called "seiza bench". It is commonly used by westerners that cannot sit crosslegged comfortably. As I say it satarted as a mock-up but I got carried away and it ended being a finished...
  6. Toni Ciuraneta

    Restoring bent clamp

    Hi guys. s. Three years ago the father of a woman who is a friend of mine, died and she gave me some of of his tools. For some strange reason this man painted all his tools green, which apart from not being my taste, rendered them not so usable IMHO. So I got a pair of clamps that I want to...
  7. Toni Ciuraneta

    Palm router, is it worth or really needed?

    The title tell it all. I am thinking about getting one to route radiuses and chamfers basically, but I am a bit concerned about safety. Holding a router with only one hand makes me feel respect in the best of the cases. Any suggestions or experiences are welcome.
  8. Toni Ciuraneta

    Tilting saw till

    A few years ago, I made very quickly this saw till to hold my saws. It didn't hold some of them properly and it ocuppies a lot of room in the cabinet so I decided to make a tilting one. I started by getting some scraps and sorting them. Then I resaw them to 12mm thickness so that they would be...
  9. Toni Ciuraneta

    Same mistake three times

    These things happen when one doesn't plan ahead a project until the end, before putting hands to work. I wanted to make a tilting saw till thise weekend, looked for videos on youtube, watched Rob Cosman's one, and thougth: "Yeah I.ll go for it" To make things short, I have three Adria saws, and...
  10. Toni Ciuraneta

    Bending wood in two axis at the same time?

    Hi guys. Would it be possible to bend wood in two axis at the same time. I have a project that I designed some years ago that I have not done due to proper planning and expertise. This is the leg of a table. How would you do it? I've thought about combining laminate bending to achieve the...
  11. Toni Ciuraneta

    Twisted coffee table

    Allright guys. I have decided it was time to start posting this project. First I took some Sapelle 7cm (2,75") thick boards. They are freaking heavy, and planning them was quite difficult. So I planed only one side and its adjacent one at 90º. Then I cut them to almost the size on my table...
  12. Toni Ciuraneta

    Opinions and suggestions needed.

    Alrright guys. Some years ago I got this tail vise hardware almost for free, and at that time I had other priorities than making a new bench or installing it in my existing one. Today while I was tidying my shop it came to my hands again and I want to make use of it rather than letting it rust...
  13. Toni Ciuraneta

    Shooting board problem

    Hi guys. This is driving me nuts. I've just made a shooting board, and I've taken all the care in making it, and squaring everything right double checking everything; and evrything seems to be correct. What happens is the followoing: I square one edge vs the one which is in contact with the...
  14. Toni Ciuraneta

    Electric hand plane diagnose, = bad prognosis

    A friend of mine some years ago knowing that I'm a woodworker gave me an electric hand plane that belonged to his father. I was happy with it, so I changed the blades and started to plande a piece of wood for the sake of trying and seeing how it performed. After a few minutes something broke...
  15. Toni Ciuraneta

    My first finger joint jig and trial

    Neither I am a jig maker nor I have the need for them as most of my projects do not involve maing the same joint over and over again. I did make a couple of jigs some years ago to make my two stools and those were the only ones I made. Lately I found myself having a lot of scraps that I do not...
  16. Toni Ciuraneta

    Gluing after tung oil?

    Is it possible to glue a piece of wood once it has had tung oil applied ( provided it is completely dry) or better not to try it? or should I mask the area where the glue is going to be applied?
  17. Toni Ciuraneta

    Split nut screwdriver ( or the Gramercy Dovetail saw spin-off)

    A few years ago I got a fantastic present from Jim Bradley. He sent me two turned handles that I kept waiting to have a proper tool to put them on. So when making the Gramercy Dovetail kit, as together with it I got a split nut screwdriver to tighten the nuts I thought that what best use could I...
  18. Toni Ciuraneta

    Fumin oak with ammonia, or brushing it?

    I'm thinking about darkening the oak legs of my cabinet, which I have not started yet. The question is, would I get similar results if instead of fuming it I apply less concentrated ammonia with a brush?
  19. Toni Ciuraneta

    Gramercy dovetail saw kit

    Hi mods, I wasn't sure where to post this thread please move it if you consider it so. Some years (yes years) ago I bought the Gramercy dovetail kit. I kept it as I had other projects ongoing and forgot about it. Last week I made a major tidyng up on my shop and found it so I decided to make...
  20. Toni Ciuraneta

    Christmas present arrived

    Yesterday I received this new toy, I have been hesitating about getting one as I've been getting away using sanding drums in my drill press, but as I am fond of curves and curvilinear designs, I thing it will be of good help. Just now I will sand the corbels of my cabinet. I've tried it...