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  1. larry merlau

    getting a home network

    going threw windows ten pro. i want to access the shop puter threw my laptop and vice versa. before the up grade to ten i had it going but that all changed. i think i have ten on the laptop as well. shop is hard wired to the house where the wifi router is
  2. larry merlau

    Did I ever say I hate omputers

    wow that would call for a real stiff drink.. was gonna sk you a question a home network threw windows ten but i think i will hold of till you get yous back doing things right:)
  3. larry merlau

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    you mentioned flowing the grain on the dressers, but as i see the drawing you have a over hang on them so you have a natural breaking point. only way to flow across would be 45 degree mitered edges and that is not what your drawing shows.
  4. larry merlau

    veneer question?

    i dont see how i can get it that thin jim, to me it will roll up in my sander maybe if i put it on a substrate but then no grip to pull threw?
  5. larry merlau

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    if anyone can work around them rennie can:) look at your parts list and arrange them to miss them or be hidden somewhere rennie
  6. larry merlau

    I bit of shocking news.

    i know my daughters are wishing there were back home in the country instead of Detroit
  7. larry merlau

    Cremation Urns

    well done.. good to have the use of a cnc huh
  8. larry merlau

    Lock-down creativity - Computer desk

    good job john, hope that virus is stayun away from you and you it.. its bad over there from the sounds of my daughters
  9. larry merlau

    veneer question?

    which would bend better hard maple or soft maple (quilted) 1/8" slow curve or radius. say 6ft radius being glued to a bendable ply carcass
  10. larry merlau

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    the second pic is swirl but the first picture looks like cross grain to me
  11. larry merlau

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    its been awhile since i saw check's going across grain like in your BC picture
  12. larry merlau

    epoxy and polyureathane

    i prefer solvent based products in some cases but like the lack of odor from the water base
  13. larry merlau

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    0ne saw cut threw the check and reglue
  14. larry merlau

    You know you live with a smart aleck when...

    its like a puzzel with the same shape pieces sorta once you start you cant stop:)
  15. larry merlau

    I bit of shocking news.

    if yu have anything you have been putting off making or doing or saying you had better take care of it now.. there may not be a later
  16. larry merlau

    New woodworking bench in the works

    such ugly maple should be hidden under some good chocolate, played with some of that ugly stuff today myself:)
  17. larry merlau

    A&C Overmantel

    lookun good as usual.. the burnished edge works well huh:)
  18. larry merlau

    Space of Positivity

    with a arkie grin like that who can help but look at it as a good thing:)
  19. larry merlau

    Happy Birthday Toni Ciuraneta!

    happy birthday toni,, and those pics glenn had of you and chuck rodecor brought back some laughs.. RIP chuck.. till another day:(
  20. larry merlau

    I bit of shocking news.

    sorry to hear of your friends fate , but i can add to the seriousness of this my SIL works for Chrysler corp in Detroit in the tooling department they have lost 3 there and another is on ventilator. it urks me to see these people driving around with there toys as though this is a joke.