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  1. Dave Richards

    Learning Some New Woodworking Skills

    Time to up your game folks. :D
  2. Dave Richards

    A Full House?

    I probably need to go clean my shop. :D
  3. Dave Richards


    I was killing some time this morning while I was waiting for the family to get up and pulled together a bunch of the workbenches I've modeled over the years. These were all done for plans for Fine Woodworking Magazine. I didn't bother getting the others involved. I've always thought I should...
  4. Dave Richards

    Rendering for Rennie

    I felt like I was dragging Don's thread off topic so I started a new one. There are a variety of rendering applications you can use to add some photo-realism to your models. I use a free one called Kerkythea for the rendering I do. It's a stand alone package. There are also a number of...
  5. Dave Richards

    A Belt-Splicing Jig

    Drum roll please. Direct from the shop of Richards Over-Engineering, Ltd. This is a jig I made out of scraps to splice the ends of some sort of synthetic rubber belt material. The belt will be used to pick up and transport balls to a launcher on the robot being built for the First Robotics...
  6. Dave Richards

    My SketchUp Template file

    OK. Larry asked for it so I've just added it to a new thread. I've saved it out as a v2015 file so I think everyone who wants it can open it. Basic details: Units set to Fractional with Display Precision set to 1/64th in. Back face color is a green that I'd be unlikely to use as a material in a...
  7. Dave Richards

    Anyone Want to Learn Something About Using SketchUp?

    This was spurred by a thread on another woodworking forum in which people were talking about how hard SketchUp is. I was wondering if there'd be any interest in some sort of Intro to Sketchup sorts of sessions. I was thinking maybe I could take a reasonably simple piece of furniture (so we don't...
  8. Dave Richards

    Extensions from Sketchucation

    I guess I should have posted this awhile back. Or maybe I did but disremember. Anyway, install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool and use it to search for and install extensions that are hosted on Sketchucation. After it is installed you should have a toolbar with red, blue, and gray cubes...
  9. Dave Richards

    Angular Dimensions

    Every once in awhile I get asked about displaying angular dimensions in SketchUp. I thought maybe some of you folks might find this interesting. There's a free extension called Angular Dimension 2 which makes this easy. Here's a simple example using a model of a Reitveld crate chair.
  10. Dave Richards


    Somebody broke into my garage and stole my limbo pole. I mean, how low could you go?
  11. Dave Richards

    A New Tool Gloat

    I haven't had any new tools to gloat about for a long time but look what showed up today. Sorry for the lousy images. They look like very nice. Fit and finish is excellent and I was pleasantly surprised by the case, pencil and additional leads.
  12. Dave Richards

    A King Sized Greene and Greene-Style Bed

    This is a queen sized bed designed based on a couple of twin beds designed by the Greene brothers for the Gamble House in Pasadena, CA. I did the model for plans for Fine Woodworking awhile back. A woodworker is planning to build a king sized version of the bed so I thought I'd give him some...
  13. Dave Richards

    Strength Test

    This is barely woodworking so bare with me. I'm volunteering with the local First Robotics team this year. It's a pretty cool thing and I'd recommend it to anyone. The game this year which is sponsored by Star Wars: Force for Change includes a requirement for the robots to reach up and hook...
  14. Dave Richards

    SketchUp 2020 Released Today

    For those of you using SketchUp Pro and have kept their Maintenance and Support current, starting today you can upgrade to SketchUp 2020. A number of interesting changes and new features, especially if you use LayOut. Just relaying information. The only benefit to me comes when I'm helping...
  15. Dave Richards

    Oak Sideboard from Music Cabinet

    I've been looking at various designs for a sideboard for our dining room. This started out life as a music cabinet built about 1900. The music cabinet, built in white oak, is a little less than half as wide, has only one drawer and had a curtain instead of a door. It is about 3 inches shallower...
  16. Dave Richards

    A Rennie Mackintosh-Inspired Wardrobe

    I thought I'd share this video series. Maybe some of you will find it entertaining and you might learn something, too. It starts with a trailer. As I type, episodes 1 through 6 are up.
  17. Dave Richards

    Labor Saving Devices

    Yesterday I modeled this bench after on made in Sweden in the 1940's by Nordiska Kompaniet. I was thinking I'd share a thing that you other SketchUp users might find useful. All of the mortises, grooves, and other holes were cut automatically using the Trim tool in Bool Tools 2. This is an...
  18. Dave Richards

    Placing Components Off Axis in SketchUp

    I did the following for another forum this morning and I thought I'd share it here in case there's any interest. For those using SketchUp, I would recommend that you keep an eye out for the Skill Builder videos that Aaron from the SketchUp team puts out. Lots of little tips in short, concise...
  19. Dave Richards

    SketchUp: Trying to Clarify the Options [Sorry. It's Long]

    In an e-mail I found when I got to my computer today I was asked to look at a thread on a different woodworking forum. In that thread the OP was asking about SketchUp versions and from what he wrote, he was clearly misinformed about the available choices. The majority of responders had plenty to...
  20. Dave Richards

    Fine Woodworking Live 2020--Anyone Planning To Go?

    I just saw this. Looks like an interesting line up.