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  1. Jim Hager

    Coffee table, end tables, some progress shots included

    Just finished these yesterday and moved em into the living room. Thought some of you guys might like to see em.
  2. Jim Hager

    Pics of one of our latest kitchens.

    Seldom do I share pics here but since I've been chiming in a bit more lately I thought I'd best throw out something of interest instead of just giving my opinions. Here is a kitchen built for a single lady late 50's, art teacher, wanted simple, understated design and obviously all white except...
  3. Jim Hager

    Kitchen Island complete

    Well here is the kitchen island, hopefully in the right size of pic. I completed it today and brought it into the house to install it into the new kitchen. Behind the door with the handle is a double 50 qt. trash can, the other drawers are for baking goods. I did partition the compartments off...
  4. Jim Hager

    Kitchen island in progress

    here are a couple of shots of our kitchen island in progress. Made of poplar, painted 50's green and glazed with van dyke brown. I've still got to make doors and drawers. The top is absolute black granite.
  5. Jim Hager

    Fireplace mantle and side cabinets

    Here is a couple of shots of my new place and the fireplace mantle and cabinets on either side. The kitchen is just to the left of the mantle so the cabs needed to be made on the same style. The rest of the glass showed up today so it was put in, a dust rag ran over the tops and now it's a...
  6. Jim Hager

    Photos of the kitchen in our new home.

    We are nearing the end of the construction of our new house. I've completed the kitchen and we are moved in with only a few more things to get done on the inside of the house. I've still got to do the shoe molding, laundry room cabinets, and a column in the living room. We've been banging...
  7. Jim Hager

    Who has built a dining table, advise sought?

    I've been charged with yet another project for the new house. She ain't happy with me just building the whole house and now wants a dining room table, hutch plus coffee tables and end tables for the living room. All made to match her kitchen and cabinets in the living room. I know what style...
  8. Jim Hager

    Library shelving

    Here is a set of library shelves that we produced in our shop and installed today. My son was the lead on this job. I thought it turned out pretty darn nice.
  9. Jim Hager

    Installing our new kitchen.

    We are now working on the final stages of our new house. We've got two kitchens, one for us and one for my MIL's apartment. I've got both built now and we began the installation of the main kitchen today. I've got a few more things to do to get ready for the granite guys on Monday. I'll have...
  10. Jim Hager

    Bath vanity and medicine/mirror cabients

    It's been a long time since I posted anything here except for a reply to a thread here and there. I've kept up with a good number of you by reading posts from time to time. We are building a new home after a move across the state and also moving my cabinet shop. Lots of things have changed...
  11. Jim Hager

    Sharpening carbide tools

    I have always had issues with my tool sharpener services not being what they should be. Their prices are up there pretty high and lately the company that has been handling my sharpening has dropped the ball several times. I sent them a new but needing sharpened Freeborn MT carbide raised panel...
  12. Jim Hager

    Super Max brush sander

    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking for some first hand knowledge on the superbrush built by SuperMax tools. I've got my eye on one and would love to either dialog with someone on the forum or even better speak to someone by phone who has or has used one of these machines. I would love to use one...
  13. Jim Hager

    Speaker's podium

    Hey guys and gals. It's been a while since I posted much of anything over here but thought since I'd been stickin my head in a bit more now and then that I'd post this and see how high it goes up the pole before someone salutes it. It's a speakers podium made with maple, stained cherry and...
  14. Jim Hager

    General International Horizontal Belt Sander

    I have for sale a GI 6 x 89 horizontal belt sander. 115 v single phase It's in fine shape without any problems I just moved up to a larger machine. It has cast iron front table and end table and includes the mitre guage. Price is $450 picked up at my shop in Pocahontas Arkansas.
  15. Jim Hager

    Timesavers Speed Sander

    Over on the classified forum I have had posted my general international drum sander and I have been asked and reminded twice by Bruce Page and Joe Mouix that you guys would like to see and hear a little about my new Timesavers "Speedsander" Review of the Timesavers "Speedsander" « on: January...
  16. Jim Hager

    Uploading pics

    I wanted to post a report of the timesavers speedsander here but I haven't been able to get my pics to upload. Somebody give me some pointers. I have reduced the size of the pics but maybe not to the right size. That is the main reason I quit posting here a while back. Somebody put me back...
  17. Jim Hager

    General 25" dual drum sander

    I have for sale a General International 25" 3hp dual drum sander that is 4 years old. It is all in great condition and has no problem that I am aware of. I'm in Pocahontas, Arkansas for pickup, won't ship but will load for you. Price is $1300.
  18. Jim Hager

    bookcase complete

    Here is the little darlings bookcase. I've been working for her since my last days at school. They are coming in Friday for her class reunion and we're goin on a road trip to deliver all her stuff. I shot the white on it this morning in spite of the high humidity. I got some blushing on the...
  19. Jim Hager


    This danged daughter of mine is beginning to get on my nerves. She's gonna have more of my handmade pieces than the wife if she keeps up this pace. They've just bought a house and I'm making a few things for them. Here are a few shots of the bookcase I built today. Tomorrow I've gott make...
  20. Jim Hager

    finished headboard

    Dang, daughters can ask for a bunch of stuff, but then most of you know that already :eek: :p Here is the completed headboard, I've still got to build the little gal a bookcase.