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  1. John Daugherty

    Nuke school

    Luke made it through the Navy's nuclear power school. I'm one proud papa.
  2. John Daugherty

    Bowl blanks

    I'm about to mill a walnut log I've had for a few years into bowl blanks and I'm going to try and sale a few. I think the biggest I'll be able to get is maybe 10 x 10. They will mostly be 6x6 and 8x8 by 3 to 4 in thick. My question is if you were purchasing bowl blanks would you rather have...
  3. John Daugherty

    I'm a bone head!

    I'm making a box. I decided to use two small rare earth magnets (around 3/16) as a "latch" between the top and the base. Being the knuckle head that I am I CA'd one of them in backwards. How would you get one of them out so you can flip it around? I was going to try acetone first. The hole is...
  4. John Daugherty

    A school graduation

    Well Luke made it through the first part of becoming a Navy Nuke. He graduated from A school yesterday. Here's EMN3 Daugherty. I'm proud as heck of him.
  5. John Daugherty

    In the Navy

    Luke joined the Navy! He made it through basic and is now in A school. He's overcome a lot of obstacles to get to this point. Words can't describe how proud I am of him.
  6. John Daugherty

    A major competition!

    I need your help! I've made it to the semifinals over at horton brasses in their yearly competition. If you don't mind and are on the instagram and the facebook would you mind easing over and casting a vote. This one looks like it's going to be a tight one. They spelled my last name wrong...
  7. John Daugherty

    How would you?

    How would you attach this oak top to the top of this card catalog? The case is 33" wide by 19" deep. The case is made from plywood with oak veneer on the sides.
  8. John Daugherty

    Hempwood pot call

    I finished this up yesterday. It's a composite made from hemp fibers. It's not much fun to turn!
  9. John Daugherty

    Joining the Navy

    Not me but Lucas. They don't take old broken down has beens.:) He's talked about joining the military since middle school. He got in a tool and die apprenticeship right out of high school and really liked it, but I guess the desire never left. He came in one day in late February and told me he...
  10. John Daugherty

    knife making

    I've been doing a little knife making with Luke. He's really the one that's gotten me into this rabbit hole. Here's the first three knives that I've made. The first one I made has the dark zircote scales, second has the blue and the third one is the green one. We also made a 2x72 belt sander...
  11. John Daugherty

    2x72 belt sander build

    Luke and I have been working on building a belt sander. Shaping wood is a lot more enjoyable!
  12. John Daugherty

    Quilt rack

    Finished this quilt rack this morning. It's based on one Charles Neil designed off of one from the Shenandoah valley. The wood is stained red oak. The quilts are a couple that Tammy's great grandmother made.
  13. John Daugherty

    Jewelry chest

    Finished this up today. Walnut and ambrosia maple.
  14. John Daugherty

    Walnut box

    Finished this one up today. The bottom panel and the bottom of the tray are figured maple. This one is a graduation gift for my principal's daughter. They have a family farm and over the last few years he's given me a few pieces of walnut. I was able to get enough to make the box from walnut...
  15. John Daugherty

    Spline jig

    Like I tend to do I cobbled together a spline jig a couple years ago. It worked but it was always a pain to use. Well I made a better one this morning. I looked on the YouTube and saw a couple and kind of combined them. This one works a lot better. It's easier to space the splines.
  16. John Daugherty

    Feather walnut

    This was a piece of walnut firewood that I saved a couple of years ago. It's 12x8 inches. Going to be a box top.
  17. John Daugherty

    resin maple and cherry box

    Finished this one up. The box is cherry, the top is maple and resin and it's lined with walnut. Teaching STEM I don't have many girls that take my class. If a girl takes my class for three years and isn't a turd :) I started making them a box for a graduation present a couple of years ago. I've...
  18. John Daugherty

    screen door

    Tammy has been wanting a screen door for the front door so we can leave it open on these nice days we've been having. The door is under a covered porch so I decided to make one. The wood is ambrosia maple and the panel is spalted/wormy maple. Luke and I got it hung this morning. I finished it...
  19. John Daugherty

    needing some sandpaper

    I'm needing some sandpaper. I thought I had some in my stash, but apparently I got in my stash and didn't put any back! I'm needing mainly 220 and maybe a few other grits. I drove to Home Depot with the intent of running in and out. Well they are doing the one out one in thing and the line...
  20. John Daugherty

    Walnut milling

    It was a beautiful day in glorious East Tennessee yesterday so I thought I'd get outside and do a little milling. Milled up two walnut logs into some quarter sawn and flat sawn stuff. I also split a nice eastern red cedar for my BIL. Got right at 150 bd/ft. We did find two nails that...