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  1. Lee DeRaud

    Cribbage Boards

    A customer asked me if I'd ever made any of these. I guess I'd considered it in the past, but gave up on it because (1) I don't have a CNC machine and (2) I found all of the normal hole-drilling methods insanely tedious. But I got bored one day, and as luck would have it, I had a big pile of...
  2. Lee DeRaud

    Major Boomer Gloat (non-woodworking)

    Tickets to Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood at the Hollywood Bowl...'nuff said. :thumb:
  3. Lee DeRaud

    Stupid iPod questions

    The CD changer on my car has died and my initial inquiries indicate that it is not cost-effective to fix it, given the small amount that I drive. The problem only affects the CD player, so for now I've been using the tape player and a fist-ful of cassettes left over from my last this...
  4. Lee DeRaud

    Anybody heard from Vaughn?

    Woke up this morning to news of a brush fire in Little Tujunga Canyon, which IIRC is where Casa McMillan is located.
  5. Lee DeRaud

    Menu Glitch

    Dunno what's going on, but the main menu pulldowns aren't working: if I click on "Search" or "Quick Links", the menu flashes up and then the whole screen flickers and it goes away. And now I'm getting odd flickering whenever I mouse over an edit control in this screen. It almost looks like, when...
  6. Lee DeRaud

    Apparently all the good names were taken

    Bookseller magazine recently announced the 2007 Diagram Prize for the oddest book title. The winner was: "If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs", described by its (male) author as a self-help book for women. The runners-up were: 2. "I Was Tortured By The Pygmy Love...
  7. Lee DeRaud

    I have drunk the Vista Kool-Aid...

    Got a deal I couldn't refuse on a mid-grade HP laptop: 17" screen, 2GB RAM, 250GB disc, AMD dual-core 2GHz, slots for the memory cards my cameras use, yada yada. But of course it came with Vista installed. :eek: Played around with it for a couple of hours just to get a feel for it: ok, but not...
  8. Lee DeRaud

    Particle Meter Group Sale (expires 1/21/08)

    There's a group buy going on over at SMC for particle meters, in case you want to evaluate your dust collection needs/results. Original thread (describes meters etc) is here, order form (accessable to non-SMC members) is here. Pretty impressive little widgets for $140-$200 (depending on...
  9. Lee DeRaud

    Woodworking and taxes

    For you guys that make enough money at this to file a Schedule C: How do you handle "consumables" like wood, sandpaper, glue, and finishing supplies? Do you just expense whatever you buy each year or do you have to treat it as inventory?
  10. Lee DeRaud

    How I Spent My Summer 'Vacation'

    Well, I'm retired, so I guess I'm always 'on vacation', but this was sort of my excuse for not doing much woodworking this summer: only took me 27+ years to figure out everything I didn't like about the original owner's landscaping and get straight in my head what to do about it, but so it goes...
  11. Lee DeRaud

    Granite is good for turning!

    Well, not really, just looks like it... This blank was sold to me as "spalted maple", but obviously there's a lot more going on here than just simple spalting: About 5-1/2"x2-1/2". Very soft, about like turning styrofoam, with about a pint of CA glue providing most of the structural...
  12. Lee DeRaud

    People who enjoy their work...

    ...or have access to employer-provided drugs. Got this recently, thought I'd pass it along: -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 2:34 PM To: Subject: Woodworkers Source Online...
  13. Lee DeRaud

    Sorry, Giant fans

    Saw a good quote in the sports section this morning: "Eli Manning has been playing quarterback the way Britney Spears has been playing mommy: very erratically and without confidence." - Boomer Esiason
  14. Lee DeRaud

    Napkin Rings

    Got a request to do a set of napkin rings...does anybody know offhand if there's a "standard" size for the hole?
  15. Lee DeRaud

    Baby Boomer Blues

    It was fun being a baby boomer...until now. Some of the artists of the 60's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby Boomers. They include: Herman's Hermits--- Mrs.. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Walker Ringo Starr--- I Get By With a Little Help From Depends The Bee...
  16. Lee DeRaud

    Wish there was a way to send this to the right people...

    This is funny! Unfortunately the right people will never read it (or heed the advice).
  17. Lee DeRaud

    Seemed like a good idea at the time, take 2

    (No, not OSB... :eek: ) Laminated, (sort of) segmented, 6"x3", walnut/maple: (I say "sort of segmented" because each of the 'rings' has only two segments.)
  18. Lee DeRaud

    Paging Per Swenson: your new avatar is ready at the pickup counter

    GF sent me this picture...I have no idea where it came from but the resemblance is uncanny:
  19. Lee DeRaud

    Seemed like a good idea at the time

    If I'm not mistaken, there are some name-brand turners doing this, so don't laugh too hard. Bowl is 5-1/2"x3", candle holder is 5-1/2"x2-3/4". Yup, it's baltic birch plywood, 15mm (a tick under 5/8") times nine layers. Interesting stuff to work with: turns very nicely...if you ignore that fact...