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    Ash trees

    My fiances parents have several dead ash trees on their property. The trees have been killed by ash boring beetles. Anyone have experience with this? I need to cut a few down for them. I will probably cut them up for firewood for them. What will I find when I cut them? Will they be hollow on the...
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    Book case

    Finally got this finished. It was cold on most of the days I could work in the shop so it took a while to get it done. It holds all of our books.
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    Cookie spatula

    Made this cookie spatula earlier this morning. First time I have made one of these. It will be a birthday present for my girlfriend. Found out my band saw is not cutting straight and burning so i have to get that fixed. Probably needs a new blade.
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    I made a few coasters before work today. They look better than the picture shows. I finished them with spray shellac. I don't really care for that. Maybe I need to work with it a little more.
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    Table saw guide rails

    I got my table saw set up today. It works well but it's a little big for my space. Is it ok to cut the guide rails down a few inches? This is my saw. It is 70" wide. If I cut the rails down flush with the router table on the right and the cast iron on the left it would make it fit my space a...
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    Tools for beginner

    What would be a good set of starter tools for a beginner wood carver? I want to give it a try and see if I like it and maybe let my kids try it. I don't want something real expensive but don't want cheap junk either. Any suggestions?
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    Going to Kentucky

    I'm not sure where this should actually go so I'm putting it here. If it needs to be somewhere else, please let me know. I'm going to Kentucky next weekend, Bowling Green, Mammoth Cave, Louisville, Land Between the Lakes. Anything woodworking related worth checking out? Museums, tool stores...
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    Brian's shop

    I'm setting up my new shop. It's in a a 12'x22' garage. I put a wall up so the shop is 12' x 14' much larger than my previous 10' x 12' shop. The rest of the garage is for storage. I put the wall up yesterday. I worked on clamp organization tonight.
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    18" F clamps

    I have an assortment of Bessey 12" F clamps and an assortment of 24" F clamps. Is there a practical reason to also have 18" F clamps?
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    The most difficult project

    Do you all ever have a project that should be really easy, but turns out to be excruciatingly difficult? This was one of those projects. My mom passed away in July and because of Covid and health issues with family members we are finally having the service today. I made a simple box for my...
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    Olympia workbench

    Thinking about a new workbench when I set up my new workshop. It will be used for a work space and assembly table as well as an outfeed table. I found this from Home Depot...
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    Suggestions please

    I have these 2 slab pieces. Any suggestions on what what I could make with them?
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    I got this walnut slab for cheap. It was perfect for making some charcuterie boards. I have made 2 out of it so far. Here is the first one.
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    Hello from NW Arkansas

    I found this sight a couple of days ago. I live in NW Arkansas. I'm 45 abd I got into woodworking in 7th grade when I took shop class. I didn't do any woodworking for a long time, but got back into it a couple of years ago. I enjoy it and I have become pretty good at making saw dust. I have a...