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    We bought a Cave...

    Well, actually we bought a house with a long underground garage that will double as a shop and a place for the car...! After 5 years with no shop, I hope to move all my tools I brought from the States in here, and get a shop going in a couple of months. We get the keys to the house on the 24th...
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    Touch Wood video

    This is really cool.....
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    My new "hauling vehicle"

    Just delivered today! Brand new 2008 Honda Super Cub 90. No, I won't be hauling a lot of sheet goods, but it will be handy to hit the local DIY store for this and that, and grocery shopping for the heavier items my wife can't carry home. (very important!) I was going to get a Press Cub 50...
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    Test Over

    Test Over
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    Welcome to Ohji

    I have arrived in Ohji, Japan. Bringing the "kids" was quite an experience, and doing it alone was a tiring time. But, they depend on us, and we wouldn't think of leaving them behind. I had to drag both cages along with my own luggage. This is our house....about 1250 sq ft. Small front...
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    Moving....Bear Cat Chipper/Shredder

    Well, it does chip up wood....:D I have a very nice Bear Cat shipper/shredder for sale. It's in almost new condition, and works well. Here is a review. I'd like to get $575 for it and live in Redmond, WA Thanks.
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    Moving...Delta BS220LS and spare blades

    I have really nice Delta BS220LS 12" bandsaw, complete with general use and Wood Slicer extra blades. The saw cuts very nice and is in very good condition. I'd like to get $165 for it, and live in Redmond, WA It would make a great addition to a small shop, or small work saw for any shop. I...
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    Moving Sale....(Osaka bound...)

    I'll be moving to Osaka Japan soon, with a new job and to help my wife's family out. I have posted some woodworking tools for sale in the FW Classified Forum. I'd appreciate it if those in the area would check them out and inquire if you have a need. Thanks much! :wave:
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    Moving...Delta Radial Arm Saw

    "Almost new" Delta 33-830 10" RAS, Cast Iron arm, steel stand, new table top (still in box) upgraded blade guard. I bought this to replace my other saw, but just never used it. The saw has no blade, and needs a locking bar for the arm (available from Delta). I'd like to get $125 I just can't...
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    Moving....Delta AP400 Dust Collector.

    A very nice dust collector for the small shop, or for a dedicated tool unit. I used this for my TS, router, scroll saw and planer. It's in really nice condition, but I found a bigger display unit the store was getting rid of, so this became a spare. I just can't afford to ship it to Japan in my...
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    Moving...Craftsman RAS

    Very nice Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw. (1/4" plywood sheet on the new MDF top) Cuts very well..I used it last for my bathroom remodel. Very little used Rigid 60 blade (made by Freud), Upgraded blade guard, new table. Saw is on a rolling/lockable steel stand. The saw is in very good...
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    Shop got picked up today...

    Only about 6 weeks till we head across the the movers came today for the 2nd time and picked up more stuff. A big part was taking my shop tools. Bad pic, but my small shop... Started tearing down to move Tools in the truck. You can see my SCT drill press in the very back, my...
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    Thoughts for Shaz and others...

    Sure hope Shaz and all our other "family members" in the path of Hurricane Ike come through safe and sound.
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    A Bandsaw for Jeff...

    Hey Jeff! Whatcha think... Shall I call the UPS guy and get it on his truck? :rofl::rofl:
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    Raised Panel Wainescoting walls ***Crown Molding up!***

    I posted about my powder room remodel here.. I finished installing and painting today. This is my first experience with raised panels, and I learned a lot. Special thanks to Shaz for all his help, advice and patience...
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    Hitachi DB10DL 10.8 Volt Li-Ion Micro Driver Drill $99!

    Amazon has a nice sale on them...
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    Stu is out for a while....but is now back!

    Stu has an infection in his leg, and is going to be in the hospital for a while...maybe 2 or more weeks. :doh: Anyone wanting to send him a short email, this is his cell phone's address. He can receive and send emails on it. :thumb:
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    Why now, and why so close...***I went...looked...and resisted...***

    No money and no time...:bang: And, my wife would kill me if she found out... Probably half an hour away... Bart?
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    Powermatic 14 Oscillating Spindle Sander...

    I've been looking for a spindle sander for a while and finally found one on craigslist. I stopped by today and took a look. It has 5 Spindles, 5.75L X .25" .50" 1.50" 2.0" and the optional 3.0" spindle. 5 table inserts, 3 round and 2 oblong. 1/2 HP, 110V, the table tilts 0-45. The owner added a...
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    PowerMatic Sander...Is this a good deal?

    I've been looking for an oscillating spindle sander and came across this one: PowerMatic Model 14 ALMOST NEW SANDER COMES WITH 5 SPINDLES 5.75L X (.25; .50; 1.50; 2.0; 3.0), 4 TABLE INSERTS AND EXTRA PACKAGES OF UNUSED SANDING SLEEVES. 1/2 HP; 110V; TABLE TILTS 0-45; 4" DUST PORT. The guy is...