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  1. Bob Gibson

    July 4th Fun

    My son Bob and I had a ball driving mini monster truck for Bektash Shriners in 2 parades on the 4th. One in New Boston and one in Merrimack. 4 more parades coming up this month. Most fun Ive had in a long time. So proud my son became a Shriner too. He is the 4th generation Gibson. I tried to...
  2. Bob Gibson

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

    Wishing everyone and their family a safe and merry Christmas.
  3. Bob Gibson

    Had a great time !!!!!

    Marilyn and I (top right in the picture) and other Shriners had a blast selling REO Speedwagon and Styx tickets at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavillion this past Tuesday night. The bands were fantastic as was the lead off musician Dan Felder. We sold over $12,000 in CD's and a chance to win a...
  4. Bob Gibson

    Will this work ??

    All I need to put together a stabilizing pot is a vacuum pump. Will this one draw down enough ??
  5. Bob Gibson

    It's Friday, whats up for the weekend ??

    I've been trying to pass a 5.8mm kidney stone since last Sunday morning :( Lots of fluids but no pain pills. They totally mess me up. Just been hanging around the house watching TV or reading. I'll try to get the lawn cut later today. Maybe all the bouncing around on the tractor will get the...
  6. Bob Gibson

    My new project is going to the dump !!!

    Literally :D Our Lions Club collects used eyeglasses and recycles them for those in need. We had a collection spot at our dump for townsfolk to drop off their donations. After 10 or so years the old drop off was falling apart so of course I volunteered to make a new one. Between the Lions Club...
  7. Bob Gibson

    Happy Birthday Mack !!

    Happy Belated Birthday old buddy, Thought you could go unnoticed did you :rofl:
  8. Bob Gibson

    HF Electric Pole Saw

    I love this thing !!!!!!!!!! I've been cleaning up the yard a bit getting ready for all you wonderful folks coming to visit. My yard is in the woods surrounded by, maple, oak, birch, shag bark hickory, poplar and pine. Branches have been growing like crazy creating a canopy like feeling to my...
  9. Bob Gibson

    Scared the heck out of me

    I was working on my router table routing out the prayer/concerns card holders for the back of the pews at my church (I know, I know, pics to come soon). I noticed the cut was going pretty slow and could smell a little smoke. I stopped, turned off the machine and saw smoke rising from the...
  10. Bob Gibson

    Doll Beds

    3 of my grand daughters asked me (Santa :D) for beds for their American Girl doll. Each wanted a different color of course. I found half baked plans online for a fairly simple design and after a few changes came up with these. I'm having a tough time getting the Valspar spray paint to cure...
  11. Bob Gibson

    Cutting boards

    I put together 2 quickie cutting boards as "yankee swap" gifts for tonights Lions club Christmas party. I'm not sure if they are appropriate gifts for this kind of exchange but hopefully they like them. I had some curly maple scraps left over and thought that they would be of good use on these.
  12. Bob Gibson

    Grand daughters new bed

    Just finished up Josephine's big girl bed. She saw some pictures of beds and liked this design. Kind of a shortened up pencil post. Made from cherry. Finish is 2 coats Danish oil and 3 coats wipe on poly. Josie and her mom & dad will be here to pick it up on Thursday and stay for dinner...
  13. Bob Gibson

    Swap received :):)

    Man o man Ryan, you make good stuff :score::score: These are like my fancy carving knives that I only use on very special occasions and never ever let anyone else use them. I did have to try them out though. I had to lay out some mortises on a Christmas gift for a friend. I'm almost tempted...
  14. Bob Gibson

    How would you make this ??

    Picture a jar like this displayed horizontally. It is 17" long, 6" square sides, corners are rounded. The real jar is super old, clear smooth glass, and a lady at church wants me to make a display stand for it. I need some ideas so, how would you design the stand ????
  15. Bob Gibson

    Swap stuff pics

    I went with the safety and storage theme this time. Sanding disc holder, 2 push sticks, jointer edging push stick, and one of the store bought push blocks work really well. Lowes had them on an incredible clearance a few months back and I bought 6 or 8. Hope whomever get them finds them useful.
  16. Bob Gibson

    It's Friday What's doing?

    Today is our 44th wedding anniversary :eek: I don't know how Marilyn has put up with me all these years. 11/13/71 was the best day of my life :champagne::wedding: Tonight we are going to one of our favorite Italian restaurants then a movie. Another wild night ahead. Will be in bed by 9:30 :zzz...
  17. Bob Gibson

    Need sketchup help please

    My church mens group has been tasked with making a manger/stable for the youth group to use at Christmas eve service. It will hold several children dressed and shepherds and maybe a barn animal or two. The manger we had before rotted out after being stored in the carriage shed for many years...
  18. Bob Gibson

    Gone for awhile

    Been in the hospital since last Saturday night. Short version is I beat the lung cancer diagnosis of last February (2 hospitals on 4 specialists misdiagnosed. Long and very stressful story) but since then I've been gaining weight despite being on a strict diet. Swollen legs, stomach, arms, and...
  19. Bob Gibson

    This looks pretty cool !!
  20. Bob Gibson

    Interesting info on the "Dust Deputy"

    I now how this guy feels. Once you've lived in New Hampshire it's hard to live anywhere else :) I didn't know about the Shark tank. Pretty cool !!!!! I can't seem to get it to play. I f you can, watch the crazy commute part...