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    american born kids and their work ethic

    In preparation that hopefully we move in a year or so, i needed to start somewhere, so I decided to clean out the 4 foot crawlspace under my house. beach chairs, golf bag and clubs, bins and bins of books, tapes, 1960 excercise bike, 3 busted up old bicycles, and 100s of other items, you get the...
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    Price increase on pvc pipe is insane

    During pandemic high in mid 2020 I paid 18 and change for a 10 ft 3 inch pvc at orange store Today I paid 45 dollars That is insanity and I am not doing anymore free stuff for relatives or charity I was very surprised
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    halloween gonna hurt this year

    so for the past 25 years ive given out small toys or costume jewelry braclets, sp;inning tops, jump ropes, small light up dolls, my hottest treat is a hotwheels car. most of hwat I have was purchased back in 2011 some of the cars at later dates. I looked up the wholesale comp;any and they told...
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    not political, but enough already

    filling out a form for vaccine, it asked what was my gender at birth. I checked off other, and put Klingon and thats how I will deal with this from now on.
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    I'm having another grandchild a little girl this time

    I'm glad I made that dollhouse years ago and now I can finally give it to my granddaughter This is the gender id video my daughter sent out Sorry have no clue how to put the video here
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    Another box

    My daughter pulled out a picture of a small cubby hole bookcase and asked me if I could make her one out of whatever I had on hand She gave me the exact measurements she wanted and I finished this Oak with some stains I mixed up and a few coats of spray on lacquer(can) Worked ok for this Put...
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    Statue of Liberty view

    Someone asked me if there anywhere decent to get a good view of Statue of Liberty without going on boat or tour I was at a wedding in red hook Brooklyn at some fancy schmancy place and it's the best view I think from Brooklyn
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    how much can I charge?

    getting a big demand for childrens adirondack chairs....not sure if people think me building them is gonna be a big win for them.....?.....but many want to pay. using fence pickets, I can build a chair, screws and glue included for less then 8 dollars total. using today as a time...
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    not woodworking

    I saw my neurologist today. every 4-6 months I see him so he can just monitor how Im doing on current immuno suppressants to battle my myasthenia gravis I stopped infusions a few years back, my choice. I asked him if hes noticed there are TV ads now pushing new treatments for...
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    be careful if you are in shop without AC'

    you can hydrate as much as you want....the heat , especially if you arent young or in great shape, will get you. the heat index today here on long island is over 100 ilts close to 90 with dewpoints in the mid 70s. its brutal. I drank 90 ounces of water and seltzer this morning while working in...
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    Cheating a little for a segmented bowl

    I haven't touched my lathe for any projects In I don't recall how many years Maybe I made a wine bottle stopper few years back I'm certain now that we are looking to move within 2 years the lathe isn't coming with me so I wanted to give it one more segmented bowl This is like segmenting for...
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    bobs furniture liar liar pants on fire salesman says anything but not true

    a few years back I needed a new chair for TV room. I wanted a recliner, and decided since bobs was nearby, give it a try. I know they are low end furniture but I needed a recliner and didnt want to spend 1500 dollars so bobs had an ideal chair, called the football chair....remote control...
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    the price of ribs

    if I dont prepare my own ribs in advance of a bbq, (pork), boiling, then marinating for 2 days, I like to have a brand called lloyds ribs in the freezer. While they arent the greatest, for a quick bbq when quest suprise us and I just dont want burgers and hotdogs, they are fine. I always...
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    anyone have a bandsaw pattern for unicorn they can share here?

    looking for a pattern to cut out....if anyone has one they can share. a horse would do also...I can add the horn
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    Is this oven shot?

    Cooking today in oven heavy smoke started coming out below top plate where panel is and lower side I put arrows where the smoke was coming from that 1 inch space anyone have a clue? I don't want to repair a 10 or 12 year old oven and spend 250 bucks on service call and parts if I can get a new...
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    Outdoor playground fire truck win win project

    It's win win because even if it comes out ugly or whatever every kid loves to climb on anything and from the time I spend with my grandson he loves to climb and he doesn't even walk yet The local fire house drove around with Santa and the trucks and he went ballistic as he loves trucks...
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    Let me be the first

    On our summer trip out to the Rockies on our way to deadwood South Dakota and mt Rushmore while stopping over one night in lusk Wyoming we came across a quilting store I saw south western motif quilt I thought was cool hanging on the wall Elen purchased the pattern /kit and made it for me
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    Playground wooden sit in truck plans

    My grandson is obsessed with trucks I want to build him one to play on in my yard Does anyone have plans or know a reliable site to purchase plans from Nothing complicated I appreciate any help
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    didnt think it through enough

    this year insead of making small 5-6 inch bandsaw reindeer I decided to make large ones....approx 14-15 inches. I have extra 8/4 sapele and spanish cedar. boards are 8 inches wide and I need to cut it to approx 6 inches wide, so 2 inches goes to waste...I will eventually use the 2 inchs on...
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    Out of the trash and into the front room

    Took legs from table thrown into trash Took out those huge hangar ? Bolts and cut some mortises Sapele top painted aprons and legs Ceramic drawer knob Kaden helping grandpa putting bells onto 4 rejected bandsaw reindeer