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  1. Matt Hutchinson

    Lathe Upgrade - Shop Made Lathe Attachment

    Hey all, I am currently working on 42" balusters for a customer. I knew I would need a spindle steady, but I didn't want to have to bolt it to the lathe. So this is what I came up with.
  2. Matt Hutchinson

    Birch Finials

    Just wrapped these little guys up this morning. I decided to make a video of the process just for kicks. - Hutch
  3. Matt Hutchinson

    Some Manual Duplication

    Here's some turnings that I just finished for a local historical Victorian home. The finials are out of birch, and the balusters are white pine. The customer provided the white pine, and I otherwise never allow knots in my work. Also, I got a little too aggressive during the roughing...
  4. Matt Hutchinson

    Uber Custom Kitchen Cabinets

    This was a major project last year. Some painted cabs, some cherry cabs, and fancy cherry drawer boxes and inserts.
  5. Matt Hutchinson

    Um, flatwork? Do Curved Doors Count?

    These were made for a boat. The stain match isn't perfect, unfortunately. I really wanted to redo the color, but the customer didn't care, and he was completely satisfied. But the perfectionist in me is cringing. :)
  6. Matt Hutchinson

    Gray Maple Vanities

    For some reason I've been doing a lot of vanities lately.
  7. Matt Hutchinson

    Mid-Century Modern Cherry Vanity

    Hey all, it's been a while. I recently completed a really fun project. This cherry vanity tries to use every last inch of space under the sink, and I think it came out pretty well. (I didn't choose the hardware. )
  8. Matt Hutchinson

    Faux Mantle/Shelf Thingy

    So after building a kitchen for this customer they wanted me to do some more work: a faux mantle in cherry. Because of its length I made it in 3 pieces. The 6" drop front is mitered to the top. That turned out to be a little tricky. The jig I made to keep it square to the top didn't work...
  9. Matt Hutchinson

    Water Based Finishes

    So Larry's post got me thinking. I have been wanting to convert over to 100% water based finishes, but haven't done it yet. I'm so comfortable with the spray finish processes that I've learned over the last 10 years that it's hard to take the leap. God forbid I screw up a customer's project...
  10. Matt Hutchinson

    Tricky Little Shelf

    So I was contacted about making a "corner shelf". When I got on site I just chuckled to myself. I shot out a price and they gave me the go-ahead. It was actually enjoyable to make despite its tediousness. They wanted the grain to match the existing cabinets. Yes, those are filled...
  11. Matt Hutchinson

    Spindle Work

    Hey all, been ages. I have been doing mostly flat work lately, but I do often do spindle turning. Haven't done artistic turning in forever. Here's some of the projects I've done over the last couple years. - Hutch
  12. Matt Hutchinson

    More Projects

    Well, Jonathan Shively asked for some more projects, so here they are. :D 1. Built in cabs that serve as closets (home owner did the glass) 2. Cherry mantle, fireplace trim, and floating shelves 3. Maple vanity 4. Built in bookcases 5. "L" shaped bench that was upholstered 6. Walnut...
  13. Matt Hutchinson

    Life Happens

    Hi all, been a long time since I've connected with y'all. The reason I dropped off the map is due to personal issues. I've been dealing with addiction. I almost lost my business 3 times because of it. But things are much better now and I'm on a good path. I'm building my business back...
  14. Matt Hutchinson

    Delta Rockwell Unisaw w/ Blades

    $1,800.00 OBO Delta Unisaw 3hp 3phase, 220/440 Biesemeyer fence, 44" rip capacity It works great. I just installed a new arbor and bearings a couple weeks ago. Link belts on the drive pulley. Not shown is the extension table which comes with it. I have previously run it off a phase converter...
  15. Matt Hutchinson

    Northfield No. 4 Tablesaw w/ Blades

    $2,600.00 OBO Northfield No. 4 tablesaw with sliding table. 14" to 18" blade diameter capacity. 5hp 3phase. Electric brake. Works great. Can see running and cutting. Over $1,200.00 in blades. 5hp 3 phase, 208, 220, 440 Dedicated ripping blade, 18", just sharpened BARELY USED BLADES Tenry...
  16. Matt Hutchinson

    Liturgical Furniture

    Hey all, it's been way too long! I just recently finished some furniture for church in Canton, MI. I made them using wood backed veneer, and finished them with two stains and lacquer. The inerds are frames I had CNCed to insure perfect curves. - Hutch
  17. Matt Hutchinson

    Chairs, Trailer, and 6 Foot Turnings

    Hey all, Things with the business have been crazy lately; business is booming at the moment! So here are a few things that I've completed lately. 1.) Four stools/chairs made to match existing ones. They are made with oak, and have spring loaded (self-centering) swivel mechanisms. These...
  18. Matt Hutchinson

    Shop Improvement Movement - *IT'S OFFICIALLY ON!*

    IT'S ON! So here's the rules. 1.) Let's make a shop improvement project with the goal of being built by June 30. It can be any kind of improvement, i.e. jig, organization, hand tools cabinet, etc.. but it must involve building and/or woodworking at its core. 2.) Complexity level is...
  19. Matt Hutchinson

    Industrial Dust Collector, West Michigan

    Hey all, A few years ago I bought an industrial dust collector in the midst of having issues with a local inspector. Well I never ended up having it installed as I decided to move my shop to a different municipality. To make a long story short, I bought it and decided to not put it into...
  20. Matt Hutchinson

    Old Flooring Table, Copper Banding

    Hi all, I just delivered a table today that was made from the customer's old oak flooring. They have copper elements in their kitchen, so at their request I added a copper edge banding. 'Twas a fun build! -Hutch P.S. The table base was not of my choosing.