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  1. Frank Fusco

    Tablesaw Routine Maintenence Effort

    Nice set-up there. I especially like the dual purpose outfeed table.
  2. Frank Fusco

    Shop slogans?

    My signature: 'There is no such thing as scrap wood.'
  3. Frank Fusco

    No prime rib this year

    The escalating food prices are hurting everyone. But, the meat situation is a puzzlement to me. With high store prices folks are buying less. I would think that would mean the animals in the feed lots are backing up not being sold. You can't feed a beef forever. Why hasn't the supply and demand...
  4. Frank Fusco

    Talkin bout FOOD

    Pity what is happening with all food prices. That lobster looks super delicious.
  5. Frank Fusco

    My Version of the Nosy/Whiny Neighbor

    Each to his own. The first gun I ever owned was an old (even at that time) single shot .22 I bought at an antique shop when I was about seven or eight years old. It was about 30 miles from my home. I got there walking and hitchhiking. Bought the rifle for $3.00 then went back the same way. No...
  6. Frank Fusco


    Only five? You need one more. ;)
  7. Frank Fusco

    My Version of the Nosy/Whiny Neighbor

    A new member came to my writers group today. By way of introduction he mentioned how hard it was buying a house where he knew his neighbors did not have firearms. He is afraid people with firearms in the house cannot be trusted. I didn't debate. He probably would have fainted or run away if he...
  8. Frank Fusco


    Your optician can make you a pair of glasses specific to your monitor needs.
  9. Frank Fusco

    30 Years in the making

    Well done. Feels good to know I am not the only one with old (some nearly 100 years) tools never used.
  10. Frank Fusco


    For writing I use Atlantis word processor, a MS Word wannabe. I have to crank up the font to 16 to see OK.
  11. Frank Fusco

    Band Saw Blues

    When I was restoring my barn find Craftsman table saw I had planned on buying a 2 hp motor from Harbor Freight. So happened, the day I went their 3 hp motors were on sale for less money than the 2'er. Got it and a link belt. Wow! Never would have believed the difference those two made. Quieter...
  12. Frank Fusco

    My Version of the Nosy/Whiny Neighbor

    I like people, but not neighbors. Fortunately, my closets is a couple hundreds yards away separated by trees. I can shoot in my yard. And believe sincerely in the old adage, "If you can't pee in your front yard, your neighbors are too close". Mine are too close. At least in the daytime. :rofl:
  13. Frank Fusco

    I dodged the bullet ---Again

    "at 81 if I exert myself a little I do get out of breath. I don't have any trouble with walking, unless I'm climbing a hill." Chuck, at 84, I can relate well. I have same issues. Walking OK unless uphill then I exhaust quickly. As for the stents, I consider them miracles. With today's...
  14. Frank Fusco

    Band Saw Blues

    "Off to the motor repair shop" Glad you have one. The one we had was run by a fellow in his 90's. Did great work and very reasonably. One day it was closed and never reopened. Presume he died. Now, we don't have a motor repair shop, would be a good business for someone to start.
  15. Frank Fusco

    One stick for all redux

    All very nice and beautiful wood. Are they safe to drink from?
  16. Frank Fusco

    I Went To . . .

    Me and elektriks don't get along. I need to hire a couple Boy Scouts to help me change flashlight batteries.
  17. Frank Fusco

    I dodged the bullet ---Again

    I thought I had a long list of body repairs but they ain't nuttin' compared to yours Hang in there. God bless.
  18. Frank Fusco

    Paste Wax

    I have used TOP OF THE LINE - TRADE SECRET caranuba automotive wax when I was making pens. OK, stuff. But, not worth the $50.00 price for an 8 oz. can. Have used very little of it, don't know if it is still good or not. I'll probably let my chauffer polish my Rolls-Royce with what's left. :rofl: