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    american born kids and their work ethic

    Long ago I stopped trying to get hired help. I either do it myself or harangue one or the other of my three sons until they come help me with what I can't do (really they come when I ask)... Many years ago I had a little fence crew. Myself and three, uh, exchange students. Those guys would...
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    Lathe question.

    Don, I've tried the different combinations and they "seem" too fast to me. It could just be me though. I suppose I'm just not confident that the blank won't come apart. I don't ever start out with a square blank. I cut it as round as I can on the band saw and then center the chuck. Even...
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    Lathe question.

    "No" is the usual answer to a lot of my great ideas.... Electricity is really not my thing. Thanks for the reply. Guess I'll start saving up for a real lathe... Thanks Alan
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    Lathe question.

    I have an older Rockwell lathe. It is belt driven and speed is adjusted by working the belts to progressively larger or smaller pulleys. Most of my turning has been limited to pieces 4"- 6" in diameter. I'd like to do some bigger bowls of up to 11". That's as much as I can do on that lathe. I'm...
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    I understand though. I moderate a forum and often have to do things I don't particularly agree...

    I understand though. I moderate a forum and often have to do things I don't particularly agree with because of the rules... Not a problem.. Alan
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    I changed it... Alan

    I changed it... Alan
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    Ok, I'll delete it if it offended one of the Socialists.. Alan

    Ok, I'll delete it if it offended one of the Socialists.. Alan
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    Just me?

    Well, this is just how some things work... Alan
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    My Version of the Nosy/Whiny Neighbor

    I can walk down to the fence and call them big old fat cows and they just swish their tails, sling a string of slobber over their backs and look at me like I've got range cubes in my pocket... Alan
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    My Version of the Nosy/Whiny Neighbor

    I've got three neighbors within rock throwing distance. One is a guy who I guess works from home. He comes and goes about once a day and stays inside for the other 23.5 hours... Two is a 90 yr old Army Vet who has become my surrogate Dad... We get along fine. Three is a couple who are County...
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    be careful if you are in shop without AC'

    I go in the shop to cool down... the outside is what's killing us. Rain forecast for the next few days though. Temps in the low 90s. I use one of those "Chilly Dana" things outside and a hat I can soak with water and put back on. Seems to work pretty good. Alan
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    Happy Birthday Vaughn McMillan!

    You must be really old... Nobody mentioned a number, maybe they just can't count that high... Birthdays are really over rated, unless of course you stop having them! Glad you had a good day. Alan
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    $4.25 today in Victoria. It would be extremely difficult if not impossible for a young agriculturalist to go into the cattle business on his/her own these days. Alan
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    Wells Fargo sent me a letter saying that I'll get 15% back on gas purchases until the end of July. Every time I buy gas they send me an update on how much I've got in my special account. We'll see how it goes come time to redeem..... Our gas is still hovering in the $4.50 range... Alan
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    Boy I got my come uppence this month

    I've got the "sudden massive heart attack, die young" thing on one side of my family and "Super longevity" on the other side. I used to have some angina until I lost some significant weight. None of my Dr. visits have ever included the word "Cardiologist"... Thanks for the reply. Currently I...
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    Boy I got my come uppence this month

    Hope you get better and get better soon. Just out of curiosity, how did you learn of the Aortic Stenosis and Atrial Fibrillation? Were you having symptoms of some sort or was it on a regular checkup? Alan
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    Foot Surgery

    Thanks for all the replies. They all helped in her decision making process. She has decided to try some other avenues other than surgery of any kind. Thanks again. Alan
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    Foot Surgery

    Thanks for the replies. That was the second opinion. The first was joint replacement. So far the votes from others has been "0" votes for fusion. In other conversations with people who have had joints fused, they have told me that they wish they had not done it. My sister had vertebrae...
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    Foot Surgery

    #1 wife has been having foot problems for some time now. The main culprit is arthritis, primarily in her right big toe joint in at the ball of her foot. Doc says he wants to fuse the joint. He said that joint replacement would not be good at that joint. Has anyone had any experience with this...