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    Here's a carving I did of a 1969 Plymouth GTX

    I carved this on a 2x10 stud...A neighbor friend gave me a bunch of 2x6x12 studs and a few 2x10x12 neighbor told me that all of this wood was sitting around in his garage for over 50 years.
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    My second carving for a friend

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    First of two carvings for a friend

    This is the first of two carvings I'm doing of my daughter's friend Dana LeValley Brun two boys Wyatt and Nolan...It's carved out of poplar wood and the wood board is 11 inches wide by 23 inches tall.
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    A wood carving I did of my Grandson Kaleb

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    The finished product of the Tessa Carving

    ....Tessa's mother [i.e., My daughter] hung the finished product on Tessa's bedroom wall.
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    I carved a wood doll of Marilyn Monroe.

    Marilyn is 28 inches tall and is carved out of hard wood maple.
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    A carving I did for a friend of mine and his wife

    ...It's carved on Hardwood Maple.
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    Carving I did of my granddaughter Tessa Marie

    ...It's carved out of hardwood Maple
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    A carving I did of my wife Barbie

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    Carving of my grandson Charlie

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    Wood Carving of my wife Barbie

    ... A Wood Carving I did of my wife Barbie.
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    Plaque of Marine Soldier

    This Plaque was a real challenge, but it was fun carving it...I hope you like it!
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    Wood carving of Clint Eastwood....I think?

    I gave it my best shot at carving Clint Eastwood....It didn't come out the best...I worked and worked on this thing but I just couldn't quite get it right....I wasn't going to show it but what the heck...I'll show it anyway good or bad....Also...Even the pictures didn't turn out right.
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    I painted the background on my last carving...I'd love some feedback!

    I decided to paint the background...I'm not really sure if it made the carving stand out any better or not...Any feedback would be welcomed!....Toni gave me some good advice for my next carving.
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    Wood Carving of my grandaughter Tessa

    This took me about six days to carve and paint...I changed three things from what's shown in the picture...I made her eyes a little smaller, I cut down on her smile a little bit because adding in her bottom teeth would have been a nightmare and the agony of defeat that would have gone bad real...
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    Finished another plaque

    This Plaque had a lot of things going on which made it a little more complicated....Also...With just an inch thick board, I wasn't so sure I could make all the levels work out. I really thin things down, almost paper thin, so I did a little fudging and hedging in different places in-order to...