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  1. Chuck Ellis

    Simple coaster project

    Never driven on the east coast... spent a few years in Calif....I did drive into Anapolis and Baltimore once... also made a trip into Washington, but think my wife's friend did the driving..... I did ride with a NYC driver once... we were about car number 10 or 12 in the column at the light...
  2. Chuck Ellis

    Simple coaster project

    How about stop signs..... Step Tenderly On Petal Spin Tires On Pavement
  3. Chuck Ellis

    2 inches

    Today was the only day we weren't supposed to get rain, looking for rain next 4 days.... heaviest is Tuesday when I have to take Dianne to eye appointment in Sweetwater... about 35 minutes up the road.
  4. Chuck Ellis

    Just in case...

    When we lived in West Texas we had a bumble bee nest in the soffit on the front porch... Dad walked out one Saturday on our way to town to do shopping.... one of the bees stung him in the back of the head .... he sent us on to town and he tore the soffit and half the ceiling out of the porch to...
  5. Chuck Ellis

    Just in case...

    I remember the fat red wasps.... when I was about 4 we had a nest up near the eave of the house... a couple were evidently fighting or something and dropped out of the nest, down the front of my shirt... stinging me as they went down.... good ole big sister, she was 6, was trying to get them out...
  6. Chuck Ellis

    it has begun! (hopefully...)

    I'm beginning to resent your posts..... :D :D Congratulations to you and wishing you more success..... even if I am turning green eyed.
  7. Chuck Ellis

    For todays discussion.

    Hey, I resemble those! I hate it when I meet someone my age that looks younger than me.
  8. Chuck Ellis

    Wine Stoppers with Celtic Knot 🪢

    You can hold a piece of hardwood against the bead and create a burn line... have a few stoppers I did that way... can't find the pics right now though. I've also used a sharpened hardwood dowel in a cove/groove to do the same thing.... prefer that method to using a wire.
  9. Chuck Ellis

    Friday 2Dec22

    Nothing planned, probably doing nothing.
  10. Chuck Ellis

    The State of Education

    I agree, we need to teach history as it really happened, the good, the bad and the ugly.... and there has been a lot of ugly. The same with removing statues that don't depict necessarily the good in our history, put up a plaque that tells the true story of the statue. If we don't learn from...
  11. Chuck Ellis

    Just in case...

    American Red ants aren't all that pleasant in your pants... when I was about 4 or 5 I sat in an ant nest while playing.... at some point in time they let me know they were there and there was this little cotton top kid standing in the front yard stripping off his pants and dancing around. :eek...
  12. Chuck Ellis

    The State of Education

    Who is to do the con, the parent or the teacher? (not able to invert the "N" in parent as per your sign.) An aside, when I entered the sophomore year was delighted that we would no long have to take spelling... only to find out that year the state of Texas instilled a requirement that schools...
  13. Chuck Ellis

    american born kids and their work ethic

    I didn't learn to drive early, my dad was too much of a controller to allow that... I was allowed to pull cotton with a 3 yard sack behind me, pick purple hull peas for my uncle, hoe cotton, cut persimmon sprouts in the pasture, gather eggs and clean the chicken house, I also got to kill the...
  14. Chuck Ellis

    Wine Stoppers with Celtic Knot 🪢

    Some very precise work on the knots.... :thumb:
  15. Chuck Ellis

    american born kids and their work ethic

    No child left behind is the downfall of our education system... my math teacher in 1958-60 refused to use the grading on the curve system that was being implement during that period... he said if he did his job right, every student in class would be making 100 (A+) on his tests... we always had...
  16. Chuck Ellis

    american born kids and their work ethic

    I worked in the export shipping and packing business for about 40 years... we could rarely keep Anglo help in the packing business... it was hard and hot work, especially in the Houston area were temps reached high 90s and humidity even higher, plus our back yard was all concrete at about 11...
  17. Chuck Ellis

    Lathe question.

    If you doing larger bowls, best to start slow as you get the blank round and running without vibration, you can then raise speed as you are comfortable. My lathe has a Reeves unit and the bottom speed is 450 rpms.... I start most bowls there and work up as the blank spins more true. I rarely...
  18. Chuck Ellis

    Friday after Turkey Day

    Not much happening here... have to go in to pharmacy and pick up prescription and drop off a couple.... also need to go by Museum Market place and pick up a bowl sold on ETSY, pack it and get in the mail. Maybe some shop time tomorrow, still trying to get the drive belt back on my little table...
  19. Chuck Ellis

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and hope everyone had plenty to eat.... Didn't do traditional thanksgiving here either... my son came over from GA and took me to lunch at local grill... brought an order back for Dianne as she wasn't feeling up to getting out... she's fighting a sinus infection and...
  20. Chuck Ellis

    Shot my Thanksgiving turkey today

    Being the marksman you are, you did aim for the head, right???