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  1. Frank Fusco

    Grenadill wood.

    On my muzzle loading forum a German craftsman restored and old tool using Grenadill wood. I have written asking him to describe more about this wood. But, wondering, does anyone here know what it is. I've never heard of it before today.
  2. Frank Fusco

    tennoning jig

    Selling my Grizzly tennoning jig. Never used. Price $50.00 plus shipping. Probably UPS. Plus packing and shipping. Weighs over 22 lbs.
  3. Frank Fusco

    first sale in a long time

    I get dialysis treatments three times a week. Tuesday, my nurse noticed me with one of my personal pens. She asked if I would sell a pen to her. Today I brought the only two spec. pens I hadn't sold yet. It was a bullet pen. She bought it immediately. This was a very uplifting turn of events. I...
  4. Frank Fusco

    hardest wood?

    I have seen this question come up occasionally here and elsewhere. My take on this issue is that it doesn't matter. There are a score of woods from South America that are so hard they make lignum viate look soft. LV is very hard, it is also expensive to obtain and hard to turn. Those other SA...
  5. Frank Fusco

    screen moved

    There are several knowledgable computer types here. I need help. Several days ago my browser (Opera) opened with a space on the left side. Meaning about 1" of the browser screen is off the monitor to the right. I have searched settings until I'm exhausted but cannot find a fix. BTW, it will not...
  6. Frank Fusco

    getting back to it

    My shop misses me. Health issues have kept me out for a couple years now. But, yesterday I attended the annual woodturners show put on by the club I used to belong to. Gave me the bug to get back making sawdust. Unfortunately, I had surgery on my left arm a few weeks ago and the healing is not...
  7. Frank Fusco

    i'm back

    Haven't been here in a while. Was extremely ill and had an extended hospital stay. Good news is I'm still on the green side of the grass. Not doing any woodworking lately but hope to get the cobwebs off of my tools soon. Frank
  8. Frank Fusco

    what is electric shocking of wood?

    This item is advertised locally for sale. It is represented as an "electric shocked" chest. Interesting but I have never heard of this technique. Anybody here ever do it...
  9. Frank Fusco

    price/value puzzlement

    We have started watching the Antiques Roadshow after a hiatus of several years. On the most recent one was a bench made by Nakishima (sp?). His work is mostly natural edge slabs highly polished. I have never been particularly impressed with his pieces as they seem relatively easy to make and are...
  10. Frank Fusco

    my lathe

    Might be making a big decision soon. I'm considering selling my lathe. Due to health reasons I have not used it in months. I'm thinking about selling as a package. Meaning, the lathe, all my turning tools including Don Pencil hollowing set, and my chucks, large and mini. Dunno yet, it's a tough...
  11. Frank Fusco

    not obvious computer problem solved

    For about three years I have been plagued with a screen problem. The monitor image sometimes jumps rapidly up and down. This has made computer usage almost impossible. One puter 'expert' said it was a monitor problem. I changed monitor, actually twice. Still jumped. Another 'expert' said my...
  12. Frank Fusco


    A lot of us use cordless tools in our shops. I have several sets of these but never was able to get good use from them. The batteries went belly-up very quickly. My DeWalt drill would give me no more than two screws worth of use before dying. My B&D tools haven't been used in years for the same...
  13. Frank Fusco

    I'm still above the grass

    I've been gone a while. Life, and near death, sorta got in the way of things for a while. My wife took seriously ill and was hospitalized for over two months. Six weeks of that she was in a comatose condition and there was concern she would not survive. Finally, home I had to care for her and...
  14. Frank Fusco

    African blackwood

    I have seen references and use of African blackwood lately. Is this just another name for Ebony? If not, any opinions working it?
  15. Frank Fusco


    My father was a professional wood worker. When he died I got all his tools. Among them was a very large belt sander. It had a 4" belt and roughly resembled a steam locomotive. I remember, as a kid having to use that thing and hated it. I was a skinny lightweight and that monster was almost more...
  16. Frank Fusco

    corona virus comment

    I just heard from my son. He is a doctor [not a brag....well...maybe it is ;-) ]. Anyhow, he said going to church would be an "idiot move" from a health standpoint. He is probably right. In fact, thinking about it, a couple people who usually sit near me do not seem like the most hygienic types...
  17. Frank Fusco

    I'm still vertical

    Yes, still alive. And that has been a bit of a journey. Last week Tuesday and Wednesday I was at the VA hospital in Little Rock. Next day I was feeling awful and could hardly breath. Wife took me to ER of local hospital. There was considerable doubt I would survive. I was discharged yesterday...
  18. Frank Fusco

    privacy? Forget it, those days are gone forever.

    A friend recently posted that she went to one of the big box stores and looked at outdoor grill covers. Later, at home, ads for grill covers started popping up on her computer even though she had not done any online browsing for these items. :huh: On this forum, I commented on a tool seen in the...
  19. Frank Fusco

    gavel question

    I make a lot of gavels for organizations I belong to. They have a way of vanishing. I believe the outgoing chairmen think the gavels belong to them and keep. Oh, well, I really don't mind. I have been asked to make another but the requester wants it from walnut. I have a lot of walnut, that's...
  20. Frank Fusco

    almost embarrassing

    Did somebody say "there's no such thing as scrap wood"? :rolleyes: Here is a little project made entirely from scrap. The backstory is: I'm a member of our local American Legion Post. One of our members is a WWII veteran. Quite a few years ago he was presented with a (sorta) plaque. The plaque...