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  1. Dave Hawksford

    Another drawing

    From a picture I took at the grand cayon. I do want to do a painting of this so now I'm doing a detailed drawing to get the feel for the painting.
  2. Dave Hawksford

    Cliff climbing art

    Finished the finial 2 climbers. This was a fun quick little project.
  3. Dave Hawksford


    I haven't watched a game in 6-7 years. This year I've watched one RedSkin game and last night watched Sundays game Vikings vs Bill's. V-B game was one of the most exciting games ever. Anyone see it? One handed catch of the year. 5 second fumble in the end zone. Some crazy football !
  4. Dave Hawksford

    Friday 11/18

    Shop time this weekend for me.
  5. Dave Hawksford

    My savor showed up today

    There are still decent people out there. This morning ride the bike to work a large Doe came running from between 2 houses and down a hill and straight towards me. a SUV came up very quick in the right lane to cut the deer off. The chase is on, Be careful out there.
  6. Dave Hawksford

    Must be feeling better.....

    Last 2 days I've been working on a pile of walnut. 2 trees that were taken down last year. Both started growing about the same time I bought the house in 83. The boys will bring the splitter over in a couple of weeks and knock it out. I've been cooped up for a week and need to get out. Between...
  7. Dave Hawksford

    Jarrod's engagement photo

    A very good friend and one of the highest raited photographers in the DMV took some awesome picks of Jarrod and Cara
  8. Dave Hawksford

    Some tasty morsels from the farm

    On the way outon Monday I spotted this hord of Chicken of the Woods. About 40 pounds worth
  9. Dave Hawksford

    One of my best hauls

    about 35 pounds fresh Chicken of the woods
  10. Dave Hawksford

    Buffalo painting underway

    Like to call her Mona Lisa
  11. Dave Hawksford

    Friday 7th

    50 year HS reunion. I'll do the Friday evening doings but will be hunting the rest of the weekend in Va.
  12. Dave Hawksford

    When an email comes in

    And you see this, 1st thought, O my. That's going to look awesome ! This door is in most people eyes so far gone, dried out. I do love the weathered look but in its place, not on an entrance door.
  13. Dave Hawksford

    custome built door

    The customer had a painte finish the door before he found us. He was happy.
  14. Dave Hawksford

    Finally finishing up nut and bolt caddy

    This took a while. The top was worked on both ends. The bottom was rotten out. Drawers falling apart. Missing 5 drawers and a dozen pulls. So total redo but keeping the old look. Flat nail heads, scratches and gouges. We added a few coats of Man-O-War. Customer is !!! Marks happy.
  15. Dave Hawksford


    recently my stomach aversion to coffee has kicked my butt. I stopped drinking coffee for 20 years and went to tea. Started drinking again a few years back. I know Sumatra coffee has a very low acid content and I can drink it just fine. Dose anyone else have a line on a good coffee distributor ?
  16. Dave Hawksford

    Monday starts off ......

    On the way to work and the 68s carb takes a dump. Waiting on Tow. Just when I think I've got all the kicks worked out.
  17. Dave Hawksford


    Mid September, weather is right we're it's suppose to be, beautiful cool crisp morning. Reunion tomorrow with kid I grew up with in the same neighborhood I live in. I like the fact I have deep roots in one spot. Kind of like that old oak tree. Try to get a bowhunt this evening. Tune up...
  18. Dave Hawksford

    Jarrod has move on

    Cara is a beautiful young lady. He proposed at the Nationals Orioles game this evening. Orioles won.
  19. Dave Hawksford

    New Web site , what do you think ?
  20. Dave Hawksford

    Friday, lets get today moving

    I am so glad to be just about finished with this week. A lot of small projects out there we door. Jarrod and I have a Skeet shoot this weekend. My 1st Inman years as a walk on. Then a Dove I hunt after Saturday evening and Sunday morning.