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  1. Peter Rideout

    Taunton Press

    I’m wondering how many here have subscriptions or dealings with Taunton Press. Drawn by some very interesting teaser articles on social media, I signed up for an annual “all inclusive membership” with Fine Homebuilding. It’s not going well so far and I have not been able to access the promised...
  2. Peter Rideout

    Orchard Furniture

    This is why I like having the big space in the barn floor. Some of our apple pickers still prefer to use these traditional wooden ladders for their ease of placement. I’m just replacing a broken rung with a hand shaped one from the scrap bin.
  3. Peter Rideout

    Reclaiming Space

    Motivated by Darren’s good work today, I was inspired to come into the shade and address this issue during the hottest part of the day. I haven’t made much progress dealing with the residual mess from last winter’s roofing project and my wife wants a big bookcase for the upstairs hall. There Is...
  4. Peter Rideout

    Stain matching advice

    Hello Everyone My wife fell heir to some nice old furniture recently and has started some stripping and refinishing. What you see here are two of the feet from a pedestal dining table, probably white oak, which she has stripped and sanded to 220 She removed some rickety old casters and had me...
  5. Peter Rideout

    Model making Question

    My wife is assembling a doll house size needlepoint Cabriole leg foot stool in mahogany. Clamping will be impossible. Will the Weld Bond have a quick enough set (high tack) to stick them, or would super glue be a better choice?
  6. Peter Rideout

    Tool Valuation

    Okay Guys, I need some serious help here. A friend, who is a picker, showed up in my shop with these two treasures this morning. I had asked him 3-4 years ago to keep an eye out for a good old slick and framing chisels He left them here to distract me and for me to find a fair price!! What are...
  7. Peter Rideout

    Stu’s Izu Laundry Room Reno

    I’m just shining a light on a neat project that our friend Stu is working on for a client in Izu, a couple of hours south of Tokyo. It’s his usual, very meticulous work, while not taking himself too seriously! Interesting to see how he deals with “design opportunities” that crop up as the job...
  8. Peter Rideout

    Lots of Vertical Space

    We are making steady but slow progress on the barn roof repairs and the weather has been mostly fine, although we are conscious of winter looming. Shayne has removed the worst boards, some of which weren’t all that great when the guys put them up there in 1915. It’s a contrast to how well...
  9. Peter Rideout

    Curved Fascia Trim

    Hello Everyone We’re doing some more exterior work on the big barn, including the second half of re-roofing and now the end fascia boards (I think these are actually the rake boards?). The photo is the top piece, straight for first 5’, then begins the curve of the gothic roof. It’s a very...
  10. Peter Rideout

    Cookie Cutting

    Okay guys, here’s a new chapter in our 2021 urban logging theme. We’ve removed an old sugar maple that was threatening to fall onto the house during some hurricane and are stabilizing the big pieces for sawing. Looks like there might be some interesting figured wood and crotches there. Our son...
  11. Peter Rideout

    End sealing logs

    Hi Guys These oak logs we’re buying were cut two days ago and are now at roadside. I’m conscious of needing to get the ends sealed up soon, as we won’t likely mill them until late summer. My preferred End Sealer from LV is out of stock until mid July! (This really brings all the supply chain...
  12. Peter Rideout

    Toni!! What’s this wood?

    Toni When we visited you and Marisol a few years ago, you gave me this block, which I think you used for accents on one of your works of art. I believe it’s native to Africa. It’s very dense. Can you remind me what the species is? You might want to delay your answer a day or two while others...
  13. Peter Rideout

    A little preview

    By way of checking in after some time away, here’s a little restoration project we hope to get underway in the next few months. It’s a 36 inch Cowan & Co bandsaw, built in Galt, Ontario in the early 1900’s. It’ll be fun, but not quick, as there are many other projects on the books. I’ll keep...
  14. Peter Rideout

    Admin advice request

    Good morning everyone. I need to change my FWW preferences in the next few days, to a new email address. Can someone give me some pointers on how to do this? I’m still not used to the Tapatalk format and I have no idea what my forum password is. Thanks ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Peter Rideout

    Spatula Wood

    The dog is a wonderful companion with a great personality, but he has a vindictive streak that, at six years old, you’d think he would have grown out of by now. This is that favourite of kitchen spatulas that always comes to hand for stir frying whatever. We got it in a kitchen store in our...
  16. Peter Rideout

    What would you use... fill this nail hole in the stile of a mid quality 1940s chest of drawers? How to tint a bit of filler and what kind? Dave, you there ?
  17. Peter Rideout

    Happy 4th, Southern Friends

    I hope your party is as much fun as ours was! :wave:
  18. Peter Rideout

    We found these guys... the firewood pile today. This stuff has turned up before, curly maple, proudly cut to 16" and delivered, after which I had a sharp discussion with our supplier. I think it's time to take another walk in his woods to see if we can spot any more. The bark was quite distinctive. Tree length...
  19. Peter Rideout

    Furniture Stripper Question

    We're cleaning up an old loom that fell into the truck the other day and were thinking of making a small vessel out of some vinyl rain gutter to immerse some of the worst parts in. The stripper is regular hardware store product, says it contains dichloromethane and methanol. Will this also...
  20. Peter Rideout

    LED Bulb Mystery

    This is puzzling. I installed these 60watt equivalent bulbs in the feed room about a year ago. The feed room lights are on five or ten minutes twice a day at chore time. It's unheated and we have had a couple of -20 degree nights since Christmas, but it's not that cold inside the barn. I...