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  1. Peter Rideout

    Friday 2Dec22

    Thanks again guys. The in-camera session and committee deliberations have concluded and I got a one line text: “Dr Rideout” We are so proud of him! He’s off for some typically low key celebrations and relaxation with friends for a couple of days before the long flight back home.
  2. Peter Rideout

    Friday 2Dec22

    Thanks Jon. The public part of the presentation just wrapped up and went very well. The private discussion with the review committee is now in progress.
  3. Peter Rideout

    Friday 2Dec22

    I thought about putting this in the education thread, but didn’t want to throw that worthy discussion off the rails. It is a very, very big day in our family. Later this afternoon, our older son will present and defend his dissertation for PhD in Ocean and Resources Engineering. It is the...
  4. Peter Rideout

    american born kids and their work ethic

    These are some discouraging experiences for sure. We live in a rural area and have a small farm with livestock, a hungry wood-fired furnace and a collection of old wooden buildings. There’s always work to do and some jobs get harder every year. We always encouraged our own boys, now in their...
  5. Peter Rideout

    Friday 4Nov22

    We getting ready for a little trip to pick up a new Shetland ram, a yearling, so we’ve been re-configuring the kayak trailer into a very small stock trailer once again, to tow behind the Subaru. A couple of able friends dropped in to help me get the panels down from waaay up on top of the lumber...
  6. Peter Rideout

    Friday 21Oct22

    Fine fall weather on the way here and there’s still good foliage colour in many places, so we’ll likely take a walk in the woods. Orchard work is tapering off a bit as the major fresh fruit varieties have been mostly harvested, so I’ll be gradually shifting over to some of the many outdoor...
  7. Peter Rideout

    Friday 14 October

    Sounds fair enough. 👍
  8. Peter Rideout

    Friday 14 October

    Nice, neat work. Is there a major accumulation of points expected from getting the pottery studio up and running again?😀
  9. Peter Rideout

    Friday 14 October

    Sounds like an average day on the farm, Jon. I installed a battery cutout switch on our old Farmall, which gives much peace of mind. Happy wood cutting! Looks like a rainy weekend on the way, which means some shop time and many overdue indoor jobs.
  10. Peter Rideout

    Happy Birthday Ted Calver!

    Nice! Looks like the day was well spent. I enjoyed our little chat and sorry I had to rush off, but the apple harvest waits for no one! Seems to me you already had a big inventory of good karma on hand!
  11. Peter Rideout

    Happy Birthday Ted Calver!

    Happy Birthday Ted!
  12. Peter Rideout

    Big Day

    Nice post! Made my day. I hope you’re presently treating Gail to a nice dinner somewhere, or some other appropriate celebration.
  13. Peter Rideout

    Moving Adventure

    Four moves since I left home for college. It will be forty years next spring since we moved to this old farm. There’s still so much to do! Looking back, it’s remarkable how what seemed like a minor decision at the time, can send you down a completely different life path.
  14. Peter Rideout

    Moving Adventure

    It certainly is stressful, Toni. A few years ago, my wife, sons and I moved some older family members four times in one year, sometimes with the “help” of other family members working against us. One move was actually on Christmas Eve. I don’t know how my wife or I didn’t have a stroke. I hope...
  15. Peter Rideout

    Moving Adventure

    I’m glad that went smoothly, Dave. It surely could have been otherwise. Those first guys did you a big favour by backing out.
  16. Peter Rideout

    I'm having another grandchild a little girl this time

    This is great news! Can you say when the approximate due date is? (My wife might be up to something)😀
  17. Peter Rideout

    Friday 7th

    It’s Thanksgiving weekend. Our son will be home, so we’re planning a nice traditional dinner on Sunday and probably take a walk in the woods to admire the fall foliage. I’ll take some time Saturday to get more outdoor jobs done, including throwing another trailer load of firewood into the basement.
  18. Peter Rideout

    Parcel arrived!

    I have no words to adequately describe this piece. That is an incredible piece of work, Toni and, as others have said, it had a lot of us fooled! I think you’ve gone to a whole new level. Keep up the great work!
  19. Peter Rideout

    Woodland HM126 - Mods started

    Nice. A really good start, even with the little christening.
  20. Peter Rideout

    First Fire Today???

    I’ve built a small wood fire three mornings this week to take the chill off if we were not leaving the house for the day. There has been no night frost here yet, but this morning was just a degree or two above. It’s been sunny and 12-15C every day, a temperature that really agrees with me!