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  1. Rennie Heuer

    Dog Attack! 😀

    We had been looking for a 1 to 2 year old to adopt, but Jan fell in love with the pic of Fletcher. At 6 months he is a handful to be sure. The parallels of raising a puppy and having a toddler in the house are not far off the mark. It keeps us septuagenarians quite busy. My pedometer tell me I...
  2. Rennie Heuer

    Happy Birthday scott spencer!

  3. Rennie Heuer

    Guest cabin

    Watching - I'd really like to get one of those for my shop.
  4. Rennie Heuer

    Router table height gauge question.

    Brass set up blocks and a gauge similar to Glenn's.
  5. Rennie Heuer

    Entryway Bench

    Nope, not my entry Could have been, I guess. He's still too ready to put things in his mouth to be in the shop without my keeping an eye on him. We have had him in the shop while machines are running and he seems not to be phased by the noise.
  6. Rennie Heuer

    Entryway Bench

    Making progress. Got the drawers installed, still need to mill the fronts. The center of the back gets a mirror and I have some QSRO veneer to fill in the sides and bottom center. Antique delft tiles will go in the 4 open squares on top.
  7. Rennie Heuer

    Civil War operating table

    The first thing that came to mind for me.
  8. Rennie Heuer

    Guest cabin

    Coming along nicely!
  9. Rennie Heuer

    Tool Base from Free Material

    Late to the party on this one. As always, both exemplary and inspiring. Makes me wish I had a bit more time to devote to shop storage projects.
  10. Rennie Heuer

    Younger Stupidity

    Or, as Tennessee Earnie Ford would say, “Bless your little pea pickin’ heart. “
  11. Rennie Heuer

    101 was a good run

    A good run indeed. Condolences.
  12. Rennie Heuer

    Two Down, none to go

    A handsome piece to be sure - nicely done. I, too, like the radiused front edge.
  13. Rennie Heuer

    One Piece Frames

    Cool beans!
  14. Rennie Heuer

    A Passel of Puppies

    Too cute
  15. Rennie Heuer

    Woo hoo!

    Electrifying! Would not mind having one of those myself.
  16. Rennie Heuer

    Chock full of Greene Dresser

    Your drawer pulls really make the piece!
  17. Rennie Heuer

    Entryway Bench

    Next project on the calendar is an entryway bench. This will be installed by me. It is a little less than 5' wide and over 6' tall. The wood will be QSRO with a lighter wood (YTBD) making up the grid and the inlay strip across the top. Center mirror, three hooks on each side and some antique...