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  1. Jonathan Shively

    One Handed Maker – Secret Compartment Furniture

    James I am honored to be the first to welcome you to the family. I watched your video and the whole table and secret drawer are AMAZING!!! So glad you found us and what a first post!! Shoot, Vaughn beat me to it!!! :doh:Let me be the 2nd person to welcome you to the family!!!:thumb::wave...
  2. Jonathan Shively

    Entryway Bench

    Uhmmmm, thought. you weren't supposed to post early pictures of your clothes hanger for the contest early! :oops: Man that is gorgeous! :love: Love seeing your work Rennie! How's the new pup doing? Carrying in a bunch of sawdust to the house from the shop?
  3. Jonathan Shively

    Happy Birthday scott spencer!

    Happy Birthday Scott!!! Hope it is a wonderful day and you have many many more of them!
  4. Jonathan Shively

    Friday 17Mar23

    Lou and I are going to town tomorrow to get dog, cat and sr. pony feed. Will spend some time just roaming the Rural King farm store offerings. Supposed to be in the 20's tomorrow with wind chill so we are going to eat lunch out and enjoy some one on one time. Sunday have the stock trailer at...
  5. Jonathan Shively

    Happy Birthday Dan Mooney!

    Dan, I am really late to this party. I sincerely hope it was a wonderful day and that you have many, many more of them!!!
  6. Jonathan Shively

    no snow

    Those are the best kinds of snow storms, pretty and no work involved later!
  7. Jonathan Shively

    Dog Attack! 😀

    That one on your wife's chest staring straight into the eyes of her shirt, bet that will grow up to be a focused/on task dog. Pups, if they don't bring a smile to your face, something wrong with you. Great photos. Wish we would have done that with each litter when the girls were raising pups...
  8. Jonathan Shively

    Anyone is up for a challenge?

    Toni, I am sorry to have to back out on your contest. Time got away from me and I am in the midst of getting calves for the grandkids, repairing rims on the John Deere and putting a clutch in the Massey Ferguson hopefully before the end of March. I applaud you for creating another contest...
  9. Jonathan Shively

    Civil War operating table

    For the rusted nuts and bolts, have you considered induction heating? Been seeing and hearing great results on this flameless heating system. Might be something for your operation. Thanks for the answers and look forward to seeing this project going forward.
  10. Jonathan Shively

    Civil War operating table

    What precautions do you take when sanding this piece? Any concerns? How was this identified as a civil war surgery table?
  11. Jonathan Shively

    Two Down, none to go

    Not being a jerk, kind of surprised there is't an insert around that column that "connects" the two to make that wall continuous.
  12. Jonathan Shively

    101 was a good run

    What a wonderful tribute. What a full life. Thank you for sharing that information. RIP Leroy and may all of his family find peace with his passing.
  13. Jonathan Shively

    Happy Birthday John Pollman!

    Sorry I am late to the party John. But a belated Happy Birthday and hope you have many, many more of them!!
  14. Jonathan Shively

    Woo hoo!

    Also don't forget to "excite" the generator portion. Many people with portable generators worry about keeping the gas engine running only to find out the generator isn't generating! Yes, I learned this the hard way.
  15. Jonathan Shively

    Friday 03Mar23

    Going home after lunch. Snow is coming in they say. Have a load of wood sitting at the stove, my stock trailer full of 10-12" logs 8-18' long. Was going to cut the logs up tomorrow but bet it will be to wet and sloppy so will wait until Sunday for that. Audrey is spending the night so we...
  16. Jonathan Shively

    Woo hoo!

    Signing the contract on ours Friday. We are getting a 14KW for right around $9,500.00. Congratulations on you getting it installed along with a peace of mind that has to accompany that installation. Does your start automatically weekly and do a routine check of itself?
  17. Jonathan Shively

    One down, one to go ...

    Now that I have had a chance to look it over without all the glaze in my eyes, that band saw box and wooden bow box are also some fine examples of boxes. I have always liked the wooden bows, just have not ever tackled one yet. Beautiful work!
  18. Jonathan Shively

    One down, one to go ...

    WOWSA!!!! :bonkers::bonkers: That is some superb craftsmanship for sure!!:thumb::thumb: Is there something specific that fits the round bump out? Beautiful workmanship!!!
  19. Jonathan Shively

    Tide is changing

    Forgot to add this to those of you wanting to move:
  20. Jonathan Shively

    Tide is changing

    Jarrod has come a long way just from what I have heard through this forum. You and Shelly ought to be proud of all of your kids, but a father son that can work together and continue on in the same shop/career has to be so rewarding to you. My dad and I were close at times, but could not ever...