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  1. Ryan Mooney

    How many bowls

    Quite a few! If it's an eastern red cedar that's a lot of pretty wood to! If it's an eastern red the buttressing wood at the bottom ought to have a lot of figure as well.. My big concerns with trees in that situation are: it's up pretty high so there's some risk of it rolling if the root...
  2. Ryan Mooney

    this is what 800 inches of snow

    We used to have thousands of micro-reservoirs in the mountains that would slowly release water all summer long, then we killed all of the beaver. Then we had massive flooding in the late 1800's/early 1900's... So in the 20's and 30's we replaced the natural beaver reservoirs with hundreds of...
  3. Ryan Mooney

    Reconfig of the Carol/Don/Brent CNC or as I like to call it, the Big CDB.

    That was my primary concern with the layout having the critical bits over the power supplies but wasn't sure how else to lay it out...
  4. Ryan Mooney

    Plywood and composite scrap

    If you put a $100 price tag on them with the appropriately blah blah blah story line I bet you could sell dozens.
  5. Ryan Mooney

    Anyone is up for a challenge?

    I'm not claiming to be a master carpenter, far from it.. but bending nails by golly.. THAT I have down!
  6. Ryan Mooney

    Anyone is up for a challenge?

    I'm going to probably have to post a picture of mine in whatever to "final" state is as of the time it drops with a bit of "use your imagination for the rest". It's getting there.. but.. I might not completely make it in time.
  7. Ryan Mooney

    Wood Problems

    Pear has similar opinions and until it's settled down lilac agrees (once lilac has done it's thing it's pretty stable though).
  8. Ryan Mooney


    Currently Pennzoil is running a special on their website. Purchase two 5 quart synthetic jugs and get $20 back or $20 off your next oil change
  9. Ryan Mooney

    One Handed Maker – Secret Compartment Furniture

    Nice work, I really like how you hid the actuation in the inlay it blends in really seamlessly and the catch design is nice and simple and efficient.
  10. Ryan Mooney

    Teeth fairy box

    Depending on your definition of lathe... that can be a tall order :D OTOH I'm also interested in how Toni's box was made on the CNC... the inside finish is really fantastic.
  11. Ryan Mooney

    Guest cabin

    A nice 7500 or 10k dual axle with brakes would indeed be convenient at times... But for light trips the one you have is really dandy looking!
  12. Ryan Mooney

    Guest cabin

    That little trailer is downright cute though!
  13. Ryan Mooney


    Naah.. Car dealerships gouging the consumer? Impossible! I lived in Phoenix for almost a decade without AC in my car or house. For the car I'd just use 2x65 cooling (roll down both windows drive 65). The only downside was picking the bugs out of teeth later.
  14. Ryan Mooney

    Plastic nail gun nails

    I think I'd try the square dowels for that and see how they work for you. Cheap, fast. easy... A little CA in the hole, wait 5m and run the tap through again also helps.. The infinity tools wood taps have a slightly different cutter profile that I've found works a smidge better than metal...
  15. Ryan Mooney

    Plastic nail gun nails

    yeah that seemed to be the main challenge :) An alternative thought might be some sort of wooden trenail ? I could plausibly see using something like wooden caning pegs or something similar into a matching reamed tapered hole.. With a matching taper they would lock quite tightly (akin to...
  16. Ryan Mooney

    Plastic nail gun nails

    Spotnails and raptor seem to be two brands with some..
  17. Ryan Mooney

    Almost time for a router lift...

    That's what I ended up with. I admit needing the tool to adjust height is mildly less convenient than I imagine some of the ones that have the crank on the side or otherwise don't need a tool for setup might be but it's remarkably precise, pretty easy to turn, has good above table access...
  18. Ryan Mooney

    Almost time for a router lift...

    I admit to not having seen or found a lift that does that, unless not without getting into shaper territory...?
  19. Ryan Mooney


    I'm sure Exxons earnings per share being up 50% year over year have nothing to do with it and surely it's all the governments fault not price gouging at all....
  20. Ryan Mooney

    Upgraded panel cart.

    That is definitely one use case where the roll everywhich direction casters are a useful idea! What a fantastic mod to that little panel lifter, nice work!