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    Looking for a school

    Hello all, I am at a point in my life where it is time for a change. I am looking to go to school to reinvent myself and develop my skills as a woodworker. I have worked in and owned a cabinet shop but I am looking for the fine woodworking skills I have yet to acquire. I plan to use my GI...
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    Cabinet shop tools

    does any have models of the following 1. Line boring machine 2. Kreg electric jig 3. 2 bag dust collector 4. Spindle sander 5. edge sander 6 festool gear Thanks. To lazy and busy to do it myself just though I would check here first
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    Cabinets and SU

    Is anyone using SU to make cabinets professionally. If so please contact me Thanks Greg
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    Now that I have a saw looking for a great stand

    Ok Looking for opinions of a great miter saw stand. I want one that I can set up in the shop and bring to a work site. Looking for all opinions but would really like to hear from guys doing this professionally also Greg
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    Looking for a good Miter saw for finish trim work

    I am looking for a quality saw that I can use on site to do architectural mouldings and trim work. Saw has to be durable and accurate. Dust collection is important but not a deal breaker. Give me your recommendations Greg
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    Jet lathe for sale in classifieds

    See Classifieds
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    More tools for sale

    I have the following tools for sale and may have more as I go through my shop 1. Jet 16-42 vari Speed lathe. I thought i would be doing some turning but never really got into it. This machine is in Excellent condition. 2. PC Biscuit Jointer 557 3. Dewalt circular saw Model #128577 4...
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    Metabo Planer for Sale

    This is a great planer. Very high quality and well built. Metabo tools are on par with Festool. Anyone in need for a great planer should look at this. I am selling because I have an industrial planer. This planer has only been used once or twice. PM me if interested Greg
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    Festool Domino For Sale

    I have a Festool Domino and accessory pkg used only once. I am located in TN. Will ship but will not pay for shipping. Only serious inquiries. PM me if interested. Greg
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    Resizing a cabinet

    I need help resizing a cabinet in Sketchup. I made a base cabinet with 2 doors and a drawer front. I made all parts components. This cabinet is 30 inches and I would like to make a series of them from 12 inches to 40 inches. How can I do this without resizing each individual component at a...
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    How much should I charge

    I work for a Hardwood lumber company. We specialize in exotic lumber, Domestic Lumber Tools and supplies for woodworkers. Often people come in needing things done like re-sawing, Glue-ups and other odds and ends. These are often woodworkers that do not have the equipment to do it them selves...
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    Sketchup Question

    Is there a way to change the thickness and color of the lines in SU. Greg
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    Got an offer today. Need some advice

    Need some help guys. Everyone chime in and tell me what you think. The first part of this post was placed on another forum earlier this week. I am currently working at a local exotic lumber/woodworking store part time 30 hrs per week. I enjoy it and I get a good discount .... However this...
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    Tour of my shop

    Well I decided to take the time and do a little tour of my shop. I have been in this shop for two years now and I finally think I have it about 80% complete. The shop is 32X40 and had an over hang that was 13x40. Back in November I enclosed 13x30 of the over hang that I plan to divide into wood...
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    Jointer Problems

    I have an 8 inch Bridgewood Jointer that I purchased used a while ago. When I turn it on it starts up slow and takes about 20 seconds to get up to full speed. If I Face Joint a board and take more than a 1/32nd of a cut it bogs down. It is not the belt slipping. The motor actually slows and...
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    My wife says Size Matters

    Now that I have your attention....:) I am about to purchase a new jointer. I am trying to decide between a 12" and 16" jointer. My issue is that most wood I have and use is under 12". However I do have the occasional wide board. I am not sure that the additional 4 inches is worth almost $2K...
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    I need some new tools

    I am looking at getting a new shaper. I want to be able to do some cabinet doors and possible an external door once and a while. I do not have an unlimited budget. I would like to hear your recommendations. I have looked at the Mini max top of my budget and the shop fox bottom of my budget...
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    Cut List Plus Gold Version

    Is anyone using this program. I have the silver version and was wondering if it is worth upgrading to the gold. Greg
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    Where do you spray

    I know a few of us are pros and semi pros. I also know most of us do not have a professionally made spray booths. i was wondering what most or you do when it comes to staining, and spraying lacquer. I know a lot take things outside but as it gets cold there is now way to do that. How about...
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    A journey into the Unknown

    Well the time has come. After almost 26 years in the Navy, I have retired and I am going to take the plunge into woodworking full time. I have a nice shop at home but it is too close to the wife and kids for me to be productive. I have rented space in town and I am going to be setting up...