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  1. Dave Hoskins

    Adventures in Acupuncture

    I had my first acupuncture session yesterday afternoon. Twas interesting. The doctor who did it was Asian and also a minor league hockey player. Interesting combination. He had me on the table on my stomach and started sticking needles in my lower back. Barely felt any of them at all except...
  2. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 2June23

    Planning on a bit of shop time this morning. Errands this afternoon. Had tamales yesterday to that is taken care of. Rain possible over the weekend so who knows?
  3. Dave Hoskins

    Fridy 26May23

    Main thing today is gonna see the eye ball doctor. Maybe he can tell me why my vision is a bit blurry at times and so on. I dunno. Shop time hopefully over the weekend a bit. Need to spray the yard and give doggies oatmeal baths.
  4. Dave Hoskins

    No Statin Experiment for a Week-5th Day Results

    This is the 5th day into the no statins challenge I decided to do spinning off of the thread "Just Curious". It involved me asking about anyone having the trigger finger release surgery and their results. The main result it seemed was that several folks thought that if I quit taking Zocor, the...
  5. Dave Hoskins

    I Realized An Epic Tragedy

    Yep. A tragedy of epic proportions. I am probably slow in realizing this as well. But, today it hit me. Almost made me wanna cry! You say, WHAT!!! They shrunk the size of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. How horrible. How deplorable. How dare they?
  6. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 12May23

    May actually get a little shop time in today. Rains seem to want to stay away for a few hours. Dunno about the weekend. I guess we will have to see what we see.
  7. Dave Hoskins

    Just Curious

    My middle finger on the right hand has that "trigger finger" problem. Curls up tight and is rather painful for such a small thing. Does it at night a wakes me up, too. I found out last Friday that I have had all the shots I can get in the hand. Any more of them and it risks ligament damage...
  8. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 5 May 23

    Gonna go get another shot in the right hand to stop the trigger fingers crap. Outside of that, nothing else today. Shop time over the weekend if the weather holds. If not, then monster movies with the doggies.
  9. Dave Hoskins

    I Think I Saw

    For Belinda's birthday, I gave her a Venus Fly Trap. She likes plants and I thought it would be different. This afternoon, while in the kitchen, which is where it is on the kitchen window sill, I believe I saw it eat a fly! Neat! Cool! The reason I am saying I believe I saw it eat the fly...
  10. Dave Hoskins

    I Dunno When

    That asteroid passes by us today. Supposed to be a a close one. So, does anybody know when we should duck or bend over and kiss it goodbye???
  11. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 21Apr23

    Yeah, I know. Friday. Who cares? I don't. I got the allergy crud and just don't care. No shop time to say the least. Maybe tomorrow depending on how I feel and the weather. Storms and possible twistys lurking around.
  12. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 14Apr23

    Danged if it didn't happen again. Friday!! That day we all seem to look forward to and once it's here we all say, "Oh, well". A little shop time this morning and errands in the afternoon. Also have to fill my gas can up with ethanol free gas for the small engines in my life.
  13. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 7Apr23

    Here it is again. Dang thing keeps showing up every week. Hmmmph. Anyway, I haven't got a clue as to what will happen today. Supposed to have some storms sometime. Dunno when. Oh, well. Hypothetically will have shop time tomorrow.
  14. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 31Mar23

    Yep! It's that day again. Some errands to run this afternoon. Not sure about shop time. Weather is kinda funky. Me knows there will be shop time over the weekend.
  15. Dave Hoskins

    8" Pecan Bowl

    Got this one finished up today. Has some nice bark on the outside. 8" diameter, 3" high, 2 1/2" deep, 5 cups volume. My usual thing was done with walnut oil for sealing and shellac with a bit of walnut oil based wax mixed in for finishing.
  16. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 24Mar23

    No shop time today. Thunderstorms. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. Time will tell.
  17. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 17Mar23

    Going to start on a couple of small worktables today if the winds don't blow me away. We dodged the bullet again late afternoon yesterday. Tornadoes pass us by and the hail as well. Just to the west of us they had hail the size of oranges. That's pretty big hail. Later on today gotta get...
  18. Dave Hoskins

    Younger Stupidity

    Was in a restaurant a couple of days ago and had a nice looking young lady as our waitress. She saw the 1st Marine Division emblem tattooed on my arm and asked me what it was. I told her and she just looked at me and asked what that was. I told her, you know, the US Marine Corps. Still a...
  19. Dave Hoskins

    Another Smallish Size Pecan Wood Bowl

    Finished this yesterday afternoon. Just getting around this morning to putting it online, etc.. 8" diameter, 2 3/4" high, 2" deep, 4 cup volume. Wood sealed with walnut oil. Finishing done with shellac mixed with a small amount of walnut oil based wax.
  20. Dave Hoskins

    Unexpected Bonanza

    A good friend called this morning and wanted to know if I wanted and needed more pecan wood. Duh! Yeah! So, he came this afternoon and we unloaded 8 nice medium sized pieces. No pictures right now. Too danged foggy. Will get one or two tomorrow after the fog has cleared. That makes me...