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  1. Chuck Ellis

    Sheet pan Carrying Handle

    You mean into the toilet??:D
  2. Chuck Ellis

    Sheet pan Carrying Handle

    My grandfather when he was alive always had words of wisdom to pass along.... he was visiting my uncle in California and Uncle Eddy did a cook out on the patio where everyone ate... Granddaddy in his wisdom said, only in California do they cook and eat outdoors, then S**t indoors..... In Texas...
  3. Chuck Ellis

    9/15 Friday

    I'm also a VET but in relatively good health, in spite of needing the valve job next week.... I figure that there a lot of other VETs out there that need the VA far more than I do.... we MUST take care of our veterans.
  4. Chuck Ellis

    Natural healing plants

    That probably has the same healing properties as Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.... just wish it wasn't so expensive.
  5. Chuck Ellis

    9/15 Friday

    Mine too... had planned to spend most of this week finishing up a couple of projects for the market tomorrow....ain't gonna happen. I did get to ork a bit on Monday, but the rest of the week Dianne had doctor's appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and today I have to gather the cats...
  6. Chuck Ellis

    Don’t See This Every Day

    Maybe he's not a country moose, but a city moose????
  7. Chuck Ellis

    Friday 8Sep23

    Same story as last week.
  8. Chuck Ellis

    I had just a taste and I knew it was not for me.

    I never smoked, but I remember when I was about 10 or 12 my dad could send me to the local grocery store and I could buy him a pack of Camels for $0.25.... When I was in high school they put cigarette machines in the lobby of the local movie house at $0.50 per pack and people were incensed.
  9. Chuck Ellis

    Happy Birthday John Daugherty!

    Happy birthday and many more to come.
  10. Chuck Ellis

    Big Guns

    I shot most of my shooting when I was a lot younger and dumber... but I also spend 11 years with a major airlines where hearing protection was mandatory and I never went out on the ramp without my ear muffs....even with them, those jet engines are loud and especially when you wind up walking the...
  11. Chuck Ellis

    Pest control in the shop

    I don't seem to have any problems with roaches, even though my shop sits in the edge of the woods on my lot... there's so much dust in my shop the insects mostly stay away so they don't breathe it in... I do have red wasps in the walls where the corrugated tin covers the wall studs...
  12. Chuck Ellis

    Celebrity endorsements.....

    Problem I see with the pro-players is they make a boat load of money (the big stars do anyway) and an awful lot of them are from households that lived from can to can't and never learned to handle money.... most or at least a large number of the pro players that made tons of money are broke 5...
  13. Chuck Ellis

    Big Guns

    All guns are painful for me to shoot... every gun I've ever fired made my ears ring... now they ring permanently.
  14. Chuck Ellis

    I had just a taste and I knew it was not for me.

    There used to be a saying...."I don't drink any more, but I don't drink any less either"....
  15. Chuck Ellis

    The LockPickingLawyer

    I used to own (back in my youth) a Corvette with the spare tire underneath the rear end... too much trouble to undo the lock mechanism under the 'Vette.... they just stole the whole car.
  16. Chuck Ellis

    Friday September 1st.

    Weekend the same as last week.
  17. Chuck Ellis

    I had just a taste and I knew it was not for me.

    I'm with Mike on the alcohol... when in the navy I supported a few bars in and around the town, and afterwards for a short time... had an occasion to attend a friend's wedding 2 weeks before my own... we had champagne on an empty stomach from about 11 am until the wee hours of the morning.... I...
  18. Chuck Ellis

    jet 1642 variable speed lathe 1.5 hp and all lathe tools and accessories Sold

    Wish you were closer, that is a pretty good deal with all the accessories..... I've used a friend's 1642 and loved it... my Jet is a 1442 with a Reeves unit and a PIA some times.... I wouldn't need the pen stuff as I quit doing pens years ago, but my stepson is doing them in my shop, until he...
  19. Chuck Ellis

    Pepperjack & bacon stuffed chicken breast

    My leading line for selling bottle stoppers is: "These are just for quitters". Usually gets a laugh and sometimes even a sale.
  20. Chuck Ellis

    ridiculous price of real estate

    Same with Tellico Plains... too many people, not enough real estate.... when we bought here in 2002, our realtor was very apologetic about the tax bill... she said the taxes were high... when asked how high, she said $285 per year.... we do live in a double wide that is permanently mounted on a...