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  1. Pete Simmons

    Memories - What FWW is all about

    Got a picture of the inlayed side of Cue Case.
  2. Pete Simmons

    Memories - What FWW is all about

    Take a look at some beautiful flatwork done by our very skilled FWW Leader many years ago. A much less skilled WW added my Son's name via Laser Inlay work. Cannot find the picture I have somewhere of the inlay work. Two days ago case was used as a gift box for a brand new Cue for my 7 year...
  3. Pete Simmons

    Happy Birthday Vaughn McMillan!

    Happy Birthday. Think of you often when I see the results of some special projects around our house. Beautiful cutting board, very beautiful Pool Cue Case and more. You are indeed a man of many talents.
  4. Pete Simmons

    Happy Birthday Dan Noren!

    Happy Birthday. So glad to see you have become the Laser King.
  5. Pete Simmons

    Welding for crafts

    I was looking into a little TIG welding for a hobby project. Was looking for a buddy where I could get a little TIG time in. Guy says to me "Can you weld?" Hurt my feelings but he quickly said I mean your heart. I have an installed D-Fib. Checked with Company that made it they said NO welding...
  6. Pete Simmons

    Happy Birthday Jonathan Shively!

    Happy Birthday. There are many things this world needs but more TEACHERS like you would be a good start.
  7. Pete Simmons

    DIY Stairs

    Stairs look fine but house looks upside down.
  8. Pete Simmons

    Happy Birthday Vaughn McMillan!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Pete Simmons

    first project on the new laser

    Dan so great to see your advance into the laser world. Remember long ago when we did a little laser stuff together. If I remember I cut out a few special shapes from thin wood for you to inlay into a project you were making. Glad I got out of that. You are to good and are killing the competition...
  10. Pete Simmons

    Crazy To Take a Cruise on a Cruise ship!!

    Thread hijack - No problem. I have a fair amount of time on subs. Never in the Navy but as a guy in a shipyard in the 70's. Love to hear the stories about them.
  11. Pete Simmons

    Crazy To Take a Cruise on a Cruise ship!!

    Yes we knew going on a cruise ship in these days of covid was a gamble but with all the controls in place we thought it would be safe enough. We had kept very isolated for months prior to this cruise and stayed even more isolated as we approached cruise day. Had a few card games canceled with...
  12. Pete Simmons

    Christmas Present Knife

    Reading this and seeing that little "M" was some of the best Christmas Cheer anyone could ask for. The Apache Wedding Blessing was just something I found and read at our Daughter's wedding. I made a few and it caught on and yes there are a fair number of these around the world. We have even...
  13. Pete Simmons

    Christmas Present Knife

    So nice to see a little of my engraving is still around. I remember those blades well. That "M" on the blade really caught my eye! Got rid of almost all my tools 4 or 5 years ago. Still get requests for some special items. I feel bad that I cannot do them anymore. Very pleasing to see some of...
  14. Pete Simmons

    Is Taps in order....

    I have a 10 year old Grandson who I am sure will be a builder. I sent him a bunch of my hand tools. Wrenches I had since I was a teen. I am now 72. I am sure only people like the readers here understand what these tools meant to me. At Christmas our Daughter sent me a picture of the wrenches...
  15. Pete Simmons

    I need some help with a test

    Very nice. You should get many orders.
  16. Pete Simmons

    possible future home - Not gonna happen

    Looks like a great FUN project. Always a good idea to pursue your dreams.
  17. Pete Simmons

    A sad day at the Ellis homestead.

    Sorry for your loss. Not sure where I saw this but once saw this quote. "We breed and raise dogs for many specific talents. Why can we not breed a dog with a expected life span about the same as humans?"
  18. Pete Simmons

    Gym floor and bleacher board combo

    You are so correct "they will be treasured and hold great sentimental value to the recipients they will be treasured and hold great sentimental value to the recipients." I have not lasered or even made much of anything in years but I still get calls and emails about something I made a family...
  19. Pete Simmons


    I have been away from any laser work for 5+ years. I do not think $3000 will cut it. I had a 40 watt Epilog laser that cut 1/8 inch very nice but thicker and I got a lot of charring. Of course a lot depends on the wood. Good luck with your project.
  20. Pete Simmons

    Adventures in Knife Making

    Very nice. You would be a fine Forged in Fire STAR!!