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  1. Bruce Page

    TS fence micro-adjust

    I spent Saturday in front of the milling machine & lathe instead of the tablesaw. :rolleyes: I sometimes find it frustrating bump adjusting the TS fence trying to sneak up on a critical dimension. I based this on the plastic fence adjuster that Rockler sells. I’ve had the old micrometer head...
  2. Bruce Page

    Tips for removing poop stains from concrete?

    Our lab was sick Tuesday night and spent the night in the, garage. Needless to say, when I opened the door Wednesday morning I was greeted with enough poop for three dogs. :(:( After pulling on some rubber gloves, I scrubbed the stains with Windex, which didn’t help. Next, I tried...
  3. Bruce Page

    Windows power management question

    I want to be able to power down my LCD monitor when I’m away from the computer. When I right click the “desktop/Properties/Screen Saver/Power/Turn off monitor”, and select 5 min the setting lasts for exactly two power up cycles then reverts back to “Never” mode. Is there a way to permanently...
  4. Bruce Page

    Larrick model 120 spindle sander?

    Anyone know anything about a Larrick model 120 spindle sander? There’s one on the local Craigslist that I might be interested in. I can’t find anything on the web and OWMM is down. The Craigslist add reads; "Larrick mdl 120 spindle sander. Two heads shaped for raised panel sanding, supply of...
  5. Bruce Page

    Make your own

    Since buying my Woodmaster drum sander last year, I have looked high & low for a DC connector that would fit both the Woodmaster and the female quick connect on my portable DC. I guess the Woodmaster is designed to have a hose connected permanently to it but I live in a mobile base/quick...
  6. Bruce Page

    In praise of the lowly PC Profile Sander….

    Everyone like to bad mouth these sanders but the thing works when you need it. I’m in the process of making a couple of small Cremation boxes that have routed profiles on the Lacewood end grain. After spending several minutes finger sanding and not making much headway, I remembered that I had...
  7. Bruce Page

    Grumble, Grumble

    LOML & I went shopping for a new mattress this morning to replace our 12 year old back breaker. We picked a nice king sized Simmons set that they promptly delivered this afternoon. Tonight, I’m making the bed and discover that they no longer put the darned lifting handles on the side of the...
  8. Bruce Page

    FS, Benchdog ProMax Router Fence

    Benchdog ProMax router fence for router table (or drill press?). Fence is 28” long, shiny new, never used. The fence came as part of the package with my ProMax cast iron router table extension. I already have a Woodhaven fence and don’t need a second fence. $65 + actual shipping from 87112...
  9. Bruce Page

    Benchdog Upgrade

    I installed the new Digi-Router digital readout from Accurate Technology, Inc., ( to compliment my recently installed Benchdog Pro-Lift. I had to modify a bracket to mount the readout where I wanted it, but other than that, installation was straight forward and easier...
  10. Bruce Page


    Anyone have the Digi-Router Retrofit on their JessEM MAST-R-LIFT? Do you like it? Their website says “Accurate to 0.010 inches (resolution to 0.001 inches, 0.01mm)” :huh: Can you accurately make .002 movements with it by using the digital display? I’m thinking about getting one for my Bench...
  11. Bruce Page

    Scrollers, what do you think of this?

    There have been times when I wanted a decent scroll saw but never enough to spend the big bucks for a good one. What’s your opinion of this Rockwell Delta Model 40-440? Is it a good scroll saw or just an interesting collectable? There’s a few of them over on OWWM, they do clean up nicely...
  12. Bruce Page

    Logitech vs. Bose Noise Cancelling headphones

    These are my very un-scientific first impressions of the new inexpensive Logitech noise cancelling headphones vs. the Bose Quiet Comfort II In most cases the Logitech’s were nearly as good as my Bose. I give the Bose a slight nod with the higher pitch noise like the TS with blade raised, dust...
  13. Bruce Page

    Kudos to WoodMaster

    I ordered one of the new digital height readouts for my 2675 drum sander last Monday and by Thursday afternoon it was on my doorstep. Unfortunately they sent me the kit for their Molder/Planer which is identical except for a different mounting bracket. After a quick call to WoodMaster this...
  14. Bruce Page

    Globe Products Mfg. Co.

    Anyone know anything about this machine/manufacture? For $40 it might be a good restore project.
  15. Bruce Page

    McAfee Security Suite?

    Any opinions on the McAfee Security Suite? It is being offered free to Comcast subscribers, they claim it is a $120 value. Should I bite?
  16. Bruce Page

    Graphics still wonky

    Anymore info on the graphic glitch that started up a few days ago? FW displays fine on my work PC but is still messed up on my home PC. I have deleted my cookies to no avail. I'm running XP pro at work and 2000 pro at home. MS IE on both.
  17. Bruce Page

    Happy Birthday Nancy Laird

    All kinds of happenings for you this month! Hope you have a good one
  18. Bruce Page

    DVR or TiVo?

    LOML has dropped a few strong hints that she would like a DVR for Christmas. Do you guys have any recommendations? I would probably want to go with a Hi-Def unit. Should I be looking a the TiVo or go with a straight DVR setup. Personally, I don’t see a whole lot that’s worth recording on TV...
  19. Bruce Page

    Man I’m sorely tempted…. He’s been trying to sell it for a few weeks and would probably take even less. Amazon sells it for $1300. I think I’m going to talk to LOML about knocking out that spare...
  20. Bruce Page

    I’m confused…

    Is this Neander or Tim Taylor technology?