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  1. Dave Hoskins

    Kenneth Branagh Did It Again!

    Went and saw A Haunting in Venice yesterday evening. Excellent performances from all. Kenneth Branagh played Hercule Poirot as only he can. I couldn't believe it, but Tina Fey actually did a good job in a more serious role. Fabulous movie.
  2. Dave Hoskins

    Turned and Finished.............

    I still say you are the man when it comes to pens, Les!!!
  3. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 22Sep23

    Ok. So it's Friday again. Just like last week, and next week. Every week has a Friday. Now if the spelled it Fryday, I would take that as we are all supposed to fry something this day. uhuh They didn't do that. Oh, well. A chicken fried steak might have sounded pretty good. Going to mow...
  4. Dave Hoskins

    Happy Birthday joe blankshain!

    Happy Birthday, Joe!!! Here's to many more.
  5. Dave Hoskins

    Happy Birthday Jonathan Shively!

    How about that! Another run around the sun. Have a very Happy Birthday, Jon!!! :b-day:
  6. Dave Hoskins

    Cheese board/Fruit Bowl

    Me likes that a lot! Cool design. And, multipurpose. Great work!
  7. Dave Hoskins

    Shop clean out and straighten up

    I do not envy anyone have to straighten up/organize shops. I'm doing some of that myself, but on a smaller scale. AWK!!!
  8. Dave Hoskins

    Happy Birthday Chuck Ellis!

    Happy Birthday, Chuck!!! Make it the best yet! Eat all ya want and do whatever you want. Well, as long as it's legal. (sorta anyway) :b-day::b-day_cake:
  9. Dave Hoskins

    Another fiasco

    To me, there would be nothing to gain by hiring one of those blood sucking vampires. Guess I don't like lawyers, huh? It would cost you money, and gain nothing. I lost my domain earlier this year, but not due to lack of payment. It's a long story, and not going to get into it here. But, you...
  10. Dave Hoskins

    Natural healing plants

    Natural healing is a good thing. Usually. I like alternative medicine and don't mind trying it on some stuff. That's why I am doing the acupuncture on my lower back. It doesn't heal my problem, but it does help with the pain and has helped with my mobility.
  11. Dave Hoskins

    9/15 Friday

    Ah, yes! Cooler weather. Highs are still bouncing around 90, but that beats 112-114 any day. Another big rain front moving in this morning. Not sure when it's gonna hit, but I ain't complaining. Need to finish filling up the lakes, rivers, and water tables. Looks like I might be able to...
  12. Dave Hoskins

    A new beginning

    I wasn't taking offense at it, Leo. Not at all.
  13. Dave Hoskins

    Walnut bark slabs

    Just think about what all that tree has seen and heard!
  14. Dave Hoskins

    A new beginning

    I seem to recall that when you and I were on the phone about that copy of XP I had, I first had to leave a message. A few minutes later you were laughing at me saying there is no doubt I was from Texas with my Texas drawl. I'm kinda proud of that drawl!
  15. Dave Hoskins

    Don’t See This Every Day

    That is one handsome feller you don't want mad at ya!
  16. Dave Hoskins

    Friday 8Sep23

    They say that today is gonna be the hottest so far. Guess it's gonna start off the cooler temps that are supposed to be coming along with some badly needed rain. Today I will spend a little time during the morning setting up some stuff in the shop. Then I'm gonna get back inside before I...
  17. Dave Hoskins

    Happy Birthday Howard Cargill!

    Have a great Happy Birthday, Howard! Only happens once a year, so enjoy! :b-day:
  18. Dave Hoskins

    Happy Birthday John Daugherty!

    Here's to this being the best one yet!!! Happy Birthday, John!!!
  19. Dave Hoskins

    Moisture, Content, cherry wood

    I was told many years ago that anywhere around 10% was good. So, looks to me like you have it. Go for it!
  20. Dave Hoskins

    Celebrity endorsements.....

    Honestly, seeing I pay no attention to either college or pro sports anymore, I didn't know about this. Doesn't surprise me. It's all about the money now. Not the sport. I seem to recall that pro athletes were once credible role models. Not anymore, and for some time. Many will remember...