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  1. Jonathan Shively

    Refinishing helper

    Turkey tracks! Maggie is being framed!
  2. Jonathan Shively

    The Farm Shop

    How cold is it there now Darren (daytime highs)? It is looking real nice (y)!
  3. Jonathan Shively

    New Turkey Painting

    The yellow outline Dave. Do you do that and then finish the intricate details on the birds edges and then blend the color out for the background? Is that part of the appearance of the bird coming out of the painting?
  4. Jonathan Shively

    Finished this yesterday

    That is stunning! WOW. :bonkers::bonkers: As others have stated, welcome to the family and glad you found us! That vase is a work of art! The bowl, was that a result of a catch? Are you going to finish it/repair it?
  5. Jonathan Shively


    I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Regardless when, where and who you celebrate with, hope it is a wonderful celebration of gathering together. Stay healthy and a safe my friends.
  6. Jonathan Shively

    So you say No Cash

    Well, they are desensitizing the current population now. Few people carry cash. It does eliminate employee theft. EXCEPT, this morning I heard on the radio two stories, one the lady was in charge of accounting and stole $41,000.00 over a 2 year period. Now, the second one was a guy hired as...
  7. Jonathan Shively

    Friday 17Nov23

    Last of this year's freezer beef and freezer pork have left the barn!! Jon is taking one of the ponies, Cowboy, home tomorrow. Lou hasn't been feeling well so leaving her in the house and doing all chores. Moving some things in the machine shed today after school so I can back the Oliver 1650...
  8. Jonathan Shively

    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike!!! It is my sincere wish you enjoy many, many more of these!!!
  9. Jonathan Shively

    Micro-Adjustable Stop Block

    Holy crap batman, that is genius.
  10. Jonathan Shively

    The Farm Shop

    This is going to be so useful throughout the years. Look how excited we get over this barn, just think back a 100 years to Peter's barn being built and the feeling of accomplishment to that family.
  11. Jonathan Shively

    This ones for Dave

    Vaughn, he must be the son of this guy! If it hadn't moved due to the shell going off, it wouldn't have missed his head and only gotten hat.
  12. Jonathan Shively

    Great Great Grandpa's Buffalo gun

    If you subscribe to Guns & Ammo magazine, there is a section of "what's it worth". I haven't ever sent anything in so know nothing about the process, but that is an avenue you could pursue. Or take it to the Pawn Stars Pawn shop and act like you want to sell grandpa's gun and see how much they...
  13. Jonathan Shively

    childrens block set

    Leave them raw. Let the kids use markers to make them look like bricks or whatever they desire. Permanent marker so it doesn't bleed off if they get damp. Generally for baby toys, any fruit wood is non toxic.
  14. Jonathan Shively

    Amazon is Getting Fat

    Put some feed on a zeroed scale, see what he/she/it (say that fast!) weighs!
  15. Jonathan Shively

    Is methods for deterring scorpions

    Peter, yes, salt guns to kill flies.
  16. Jonathan Shively

    safety recall on G0584, G0462 and Shop Fox W1758 wood lathes

    Did you see the tool banjo? It is a right angle, cantilevered out, I can see where a bad catch could put excessive force on it.
  17. Jonathan Shively

    New Addition

    My first year of teaching, over in Ohio I think it was, a couple bought a puppy. Finally took it to a vet due to its voracious appetite. Found out they had purchased a Haitian Rat and they were very lucky it hadn't killed their newborn baby during the night.
  18. Jonathan Shively

    Is methods for deterring scorpions

    The bug aSALT guns for flies, do they eliminate a scorpion? (have never seen one in real life, one of the advantages of snow/cold weather!). Wonder what your local gunsmith would tell you if you took one of those guns to him and told him it needed souped up to kill scorpions!? (I know what...
  19. Jonathan Shively

    Friday 11/10 and Veterans day weekend

    Add me to the list of always grateful and thankful for your service. CJ and Jon are coming for the weekend. Lou is going to Jon's Veteran's Day presentation and then bringing them home. Of course CJ will be tieing calves, need to change oil on the newest member of our tractor family, the...