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  1. Ted Calver

    Emperor of the North Pole

    Thanks to a next door neighbor who was a supervisor at the New York Central Railroad maintenance facility in Syracuse, I worked as a laborer on the railroad for a couple of summers back in the early sixties . As low man on the totem pole, my job was chemical pressure washing locomotive trucks...
  2. Ted Calver

    Customer has confidence in me.

    Do you know how the damage was caused?
  3. Ted Calver

    Will it work?

    Here's another hastily scribbled thought. Pin the shelf through the top at the front edge to keep it captured in the mortise. Cut out a bit of the mortise slot to house an extention of the small lip at each end of the shelf. Drill a 1/16" hole through both pieces and then enlarge the top...
  4. Ted Calver

    Friday 1Dec23

    Time to put up some Christmas decorations and look for a tree. I put together a Rob Cosman style miter shooting board to help improve my box making, but am having trouble getting the perfect miter. Need to figure out how to tweek it. He was meticulous assembling the jig and I thought I was too...
  5. Ted Calver

    Something cool.

    Any idea what wood?
  6. Ted Calver

    Exciting night!

    Congratulations to all. :congrats::congrats:
  7. Ted Calver

    FINALLY FINISHED..............

    Excellent! Are you using a photo booth?
  8. Ted Calver

    Friday 24Nov23

    Cremation urn and cutting board are on the schedule. Still playing nurse to help the missus shake the crud. Update: Xrays show Pneumonia and fluid in the lungs. Bringing her to the hospital for some of the good drugs.
  9. Ted Calver

    1 2 3 blocks

    Thanks, Mike. I added these to my Christmas wish list.
  10. Ted Calver

    Finished this yesterday

    Beautiful!! Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent work.
  11. Ted Calver


    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Low key here, as the missus is still under the weather. Pork loin, sweet potatoes and delicata squash. We will do a turkey when family visits in early December.
  12. Ted Calver

    A Rustic Shelf

    Love the shelf, Leo. Rustic works just fine for me. Regional craft shows have some great stuff and can be a real gold mine for handcrafted pieces of all kinds. For several years, back when macrame was a craze, my wife had a booth at a major craft show circuit similar to this one, with shows in...
  13. Ted Calver

    12 Gauge Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    I enjoy reflecting, and therefore continue to do dumb stuff so there's always something to reflect upon.
  14. Ted Calver

    Pen Finish Dipping Method

    Thanks, Les. I've often wondered what your process was. The results speak for themselves. :thumb:
  15. Ted Calver

    12 Gauge Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    Things like Tannerite! Yay!!
  16. Ted Calver

    12 Gauge Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    …And that’s why we can’t have nice things anymore. :wave: :rofl:
  17. Ted Calver

    12 Gauge Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    I survived lots of years using M-80's and cherry bombs to blow stuff up, without losing any body parts. My dad taught us to respect the more ways than one. :rofl:
  18. Ted Calver

    Friday 17Nov23

    The missus is under the weather and has some mobility issues. I'll be lurking close by in case she needs help. With company coming in early December, shop and house clean up are high up on the schedule. Still need to get started on a cutting board and decorative box.
  19. Ted Calver

    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    Have a great one, Mike! Happy Birthday! :b-day_cake::b-day::b-day_cake:
  20. Ted Calver

    Pepper Mill

    Good stuff, Gayl. :thumb::thumb: