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  1. glenn bradley

    Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

    Nice project. Be sure to send a picture to your neighbor ;-)
  2. glenn bradley

    Tom McLaughlin, Shop Night Live

    I've been watching these sessions on Epic woodworking (You Tube) lately and enjoying them. There is a live chat function so you can comment or ask questions on the fly. Just thought I would mention it.
  3. glenn bradley

    Coffee table in the works

    Looking really good Tom. That thing is going to sing when the finish hits it.
  4. glenn bradley

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    That will come in handy the next time the river comes a-calling at the back door :)
  5. glenn bradley

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    Glad the new material is working out. When a project goes way beyond our expected schedule, for whatever reason, it can be fatiguing. The piece is looking great. Just take it in bite-sized chunks and try to stay focused on the end result. You've had quite a few commissions back-to-back...
  6. glenn bradley

    Replace Bosch Colt Bearings

    Boredom can do wonderful things. I tossed this Colt with shot bearings into its blow-mold case and tucked it up in the rafters. At the time, I just couldn't spare the cycles to replace the bearings. While sorting (read thrashing) through the pile of stuff that is waiting for the new shop to...
  7. glenn bradley

    I need a hair cut

    Hey now, no pickin' on the dome.
  8. glenn bradley

    I need a hair cut

    I gave up and went after my own noggin today with a number two on the clippers. Didn’t come out half bad but, I don’t really have very much hair left.
  9. glenn bradley

    Shop - Router Organization

    Cool idea on the rabbet bearing and slot cutter stacker-thingys. I always feel like I've done some good when I setup a specific place for something. It can be as simple as sorting out the stubby pencil nubs from the usable pencils to a full blown machine stand; those and everywhere in between...
  10. glenn bradley

    Over-Engineering for My Shop

    Dave, your Geek-Fu superiority is secure. I am humbled before you.
  11. glenn bradley

    Jewelry chest

    Beautifully done John.
  12. glenn bradley

    How would you make this?

    Ask anyone, it is always better to build-new than to "remodel". Congrats!
  13. glenn bradley

    How would you make this?

    I tend to lean this way when I need more than one of something. Knocking the corner off and shaping to fit isn't a problem. Doing it on each side, on two cases and having them match very closly gets a little troublesome. A template guide resolves that. As Jim points out it also lets you do a...
  14. glenn bradley

    I want one of these ...

    Overkill? I better revise my new shop layout:
  15. glenn bradley

    Happy Birthday Rennie Heuer!

    The cake made it! Rennie's b-day again!?! So soon!?! How does this happen??? Have a great one Rennie!
  16. glenn bradley

    An ethics question

    I agree that I would have no professional or ethical reasons to pass on makinga "one-off" set of items to the client's spec or with your ability to make them. My challenge would be getting close enough on the 'look and feel' and the color to match existing items. I'll PM a side conversation ;-)
  17. glenn bradley

    There goes my weekend

    You wouldn’t be the first to mount a finish planer to the top of their floor standing planer :-)
  18. glenn bradley

    In market for a table saw suggestions please

    Yep, I used foil tape for shims. I’ve used aluminum cans too but, the tape stays put by itself :)
  19. glenn bradley

    In market for a table saw suggestions please

    Lots of good products and opinions here so I'll toss mine in :) The miter gauge that came with my 3HP PCS was pretty decent as far as that type of miter gauge goes. I had started using an Incra V-27 years earlier and still use that. I have a second one for my router table so I guess the 27 stops...
  20. glenn bradley

    Wall Cabinet

    Very, very nice.