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  1. Stephen Ondich

    Hello from Fontana, California

    Thanks, glad to be here!
  2. Stephen Ondich

    Feeling productive!

    Feeling productive!
  3. Stephen Ondich

    Hello from Fontana, California

    Hello All, I've been in the wholesale wood business for years but only recently bought a Harbor Freight lathe to do some turning with my 12 year old daughter. Basically, I get really cool wood scraps but don't have the woodworking chops to deserve them...but I'm trying! Look forward to...
  4. Stephen Ondich

    hard maple with hidden defect.

    The other dynamic that's going on is that retailers cannot restock like they used to. Typically, when a 500 board foot unit goes on the floor, the first 300 to sell is the best of it. Now, instead of replenishing, the tail-end is left languishing on the shelves. I don't blame them -it's better...
  5. Stephen Ondich

    Spalted Paulownia any good?

    Paulownia has very unusual growth patterns. I had some live-sawn 8/4 once. The boards were 10-28" wide x 14'... BUT... the pith you normally see confined to the center basically zig-zagged along the end grain spanning about 12" of the width. The end result - lots of boards with two clear faces...