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    I will not quit!

    My house was built in 1965 and also has copper plumbing. The kitchen sink drain finally gave up the ghost by having a crack erode though the bottom of the pipe.
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    Touch Up Carbide Domino Cutters?

    I've not done this myself but here are a couple limks.
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    Farewell to a Tool

    I'm sorry for your loss. In time, you'll heal and find another way to engage in the daily grind again.
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    Handle screw size for Stanley #82 scraper

    I'm repairing a Stanley #82 scraper. This scraper has no handle. The hole looks to be for a 1/4" screw but neithrt the 20 or 28 tpi threads fit. Does anyone know what size this screw needs to be? Thanks, Jim
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    Table apron too high

    I'm repairing a dropleaf gateleg dining table. The frame needed to be reglued. As I reassembled the frame I noticed the long aprons were slightly (1/16") above the top of the legs. Is it worth redrilling the dowels or cutting down the aprons to get evrything flush or am I better off leaving it...
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    Kill bugs in wood molding plane

    I bought a wood beading molding plane this weekend. It has several pinholes I suspect were caused by bugs. Can I heat treat this like regular lumber? E.g. 140F for 60 minutes. If so, is there risk to the plane? Is there a better method? Thanks, Jim
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    Repairing dresser drawers help

    I'm repairing drawers in an old dresser. The drawers are joined with half blind dovetails in the front and full dovetails in the back. Unfortunately, the dovetails in the front and back pieces were done with a router bit and have deep sockets with rounded bottoms. The side pieces have regular...
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    Craftsman contractor saw arbor housing shaft kerfluffle

    I have an old Craftsman contractor saw from the 80's (113.298151). The blade height has been getting harder to change over time - and finally froze this weekend. I took the saw apart and managed to separated the arbor housing and the cradle. Unfortunately the shaft that connects the two stayed...
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    Squaring edge of toothing plane blade

    I have a wooden toothing plane that has an out of square cutting edge. I'd like to square it up and sharpen it. Is there anything I should do differently than when working with a regular plane blade? Thanks, Jim
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    Help flattening chisel with bevel on back

    I'm working on sharpening a chisel recently bought a flea market to be used as a paring chisel. While flattening the back, I discovered the back edge of the chisel had a bevel about 1/16" wide. This would mean that I'd have to raise the chisel to get any cutting action, which seems to violate...