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  1. glenn bradley

    Hockey Wrap for Clamp Handles

    I crave your pardon if you actually use this method in a sports situation since I may be murdering it :D. I have had a few folks comment on the tape-wrap for my clamp handles so here you go (many YT videos of professionals doing this better than I do). Tag the tape to the handle and spin the...
  2. glenn bradley

    "Dorm Room" Media Cabinet

    Sort of. He is coming over tomorrow. I will pre-build some sub-assemblies and leave some ‘parts’ making tasks for him. He is very excited about working on the project. He went to college on a bowling scholarship so his skills lie elsewhere :). I got ahead of myself and glued up the corner...
  3. glenn bradley

    "Dorm Room" Media Cabinet

    I am killing a bit of time while building the dressers for the new bedroom suite. The son of a family friend wants a media cabinet to hold his cable box, gaming console and so forth. The location is his bedroom so the scale is small. He caled me and asked about making one out of 2x4's so I...
  4. glenn bradley

    Big Sled in Use

    I have shown this before during other threads. Just to stir up some conversation and hopefully provide some value I am posting it separately. I don't use this beast often but it hangs on pegs near the tablesaw and is handy now and again. When you need to cut larger panels the sled comes off...
  5. glenn bradley

    Some fun pictures

    This is such a great thread, Don . Thanks for sharing the adventure.
  6. glenn bradley

    The Farm Shop

    Great progress Darren. There is a magical tipping point when I am organizing or re-organizing. Suddenly, during the effort, I will have somewhere to put something I just picked up instead of looking for somewhere to put it. Once I think to myself "I know where this goes" a few times I realize...
  7. glenn bradley

    Cherry Sideboard

    Yeah man! Sorry, the previous was a quick response from my phone 😒. That is really coming together. I can totally relate to thinking that I am ready to do "blah" . . . only to discover some small (or large) thing that I had missed. It is the attention to these things that elevates our...
  8. glenn bradley

    As slow as molasses....

    Am I not turtley enough?
  9. glenn bradley

    Pair of Dressers

    I have been dilly-dallying on these to try to fit a schedule. Today I happened to notice one of those random things we do in the shop. I do a lot of joinery at the tablesaw and at the router table. I don't really care for production work so even when it is just a batch of 14 drawer boxes I...
  10. glenn bradley

    What a birthday I had!

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. Congrats.
  11. glenn bradley

    Storage is Where You Find It, Domino Table

    I have been looking for somewhere to hang or stash this table ever since I got it. My last few projects have used Blum slides but not the brackets they supply. I realized that by modifying the bracket I could make a hook that would fit the table. As is often the case I suddenly realized...
  12. glenn bradley


    @Ted Calver - Typical of items like this if they are well thought out and manufactured . . . The result is about the same as my freehand burnishing method. The shaped rod just makes it a bit easier and more predictable. I never really worried if I was turning the burr at 9, 10, or 11 degrees...
  13. glenn bradley


    OK, I took a scraper out of the rack and removed the current edges in the usual way. I then used the Accu-Burr on one long side as per the instructions; sans pulling the edge out. I gave the freshly milled edge two passes with the 5 degree notch and then one pass with the 10 degree notch...
  14. glenn bradley


    Lee Valley sent an email about a sale. I use the Beall Tilt Box and they had them for $28. I figured that was cheap insurance in case my years-old one ever goes out. Since I was spending a Christmas gift card I also picked up the Accu-Burr scraper burnisher. I have a few old handles that...
  15. glenn bradley

    The Homesman

    We enjoyed it. We also liked the original and remake of True Grit, Silverado, Tombstone and the like. Some are more accurate at depicting daily life in times gone by. All are entertaining to me.
  16. glenn bradley


    Just hope it isn't Synchrony Bank. They are useless on resolving issues like this. I agree that you have no reasonable way to prove you did not receive the package. Therefor it is only logical that they should provide proof that they did. In lieu of a signature they would need to show a...
  17. glenn bradley

    Decent Dado Blade set

    An accident of fate. I do very little cabinet making with sheet goods outside of shop fixtures. I bought the Freud dado early on due to a good sale and used it for solid wood furniture parts. I got the CMT for a steal so I started using "the cheap one" on composites and ply. The results were...
  18. glenn bradley

    Decent Dado Blade set

    I have a few stacks. The CMT does a decent job and I use it primarily for MDF and other composites. I have a DeWalt 7670 that I use for plywood and softwoods that require a good slice at the outer edge for thinner veneer layers and generally softer material but you get a bit of the bat-wing...
  19. glenn bradley

    Central Machinery Dust Collector

    Quite possibly. If you are returning the air into your working area the filter is just as important as the collector and so carries a similar price :D. Seriously though, good data here from folks that have used that unit. I can only express my usual opinion that collecting stuff is only part...
  20. glenn bradley

    Friday 02FEB24

    Just making drawer boxes. Saw a little rain. Gathering tax docs.