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    A little teaser for Vaughan!

    Here is our 69 burst guitar being demoed by Carl Miner. Marchione 69 burst
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    Dust Collection Likes and Dislikes

    I wouldn't change anything on my system. I have a simple on/off switch the controls a 30 amp contactor. The switch is no more than a single step from any of my machines. Link to my cyclone build and install. Link to measurements of my system. I used snaplock pipe and would do so in a heartbeat...
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    An ethics question

    Honestly your overthinking this. Just build it for her and be done with it.
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    Favorite Youtube List

    Since I have gotten into restoring radios and console stereos from the 1940's to the early 1960's my YouTube list reflects this.
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    A little teaser for Vaughan!

    I take it you didn't notice the left handed one in the mix?
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    A little teaser for Vaughan!

    Some more pictures for you Vaughn.
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    Who has the answere ?

    Depending how you use the card scraper will dictate your surface finish. Going parallel to the figure will give you a wavy feeling but skewing the scraper will make it as smooth as glass. We run into this all the time working on guitar bodies.
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    What are you doinng during CV-19

    I'm going to work like I always do and living my life like I always have. I live the George Carlin philosophy in regards to germs and have no intentions of changing.
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    A little teaser for Vaughan!

    Here are a few more for you to drool over Vaughn!
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    Here you go Vaughn!

    Some electrics we just finished in some vintage gibson colors just to do something different from what we normally do.
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    A little teaser for Vaughan!

    Here are some of those updated pics Vaughn. Sorry never did get one of it strung up as it sold very quickly!
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    Thought I'd pop in and say Merry Christmas

    Hi everyone. I know it's been a while but we have been busy and thought I'd take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    A little teaser for Vaughan!

    Walnut blank for the next carve top set neck Sent from my SPH-L710T using Tapatalk
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    Bubbles in lacquer on inside corners

    We have been having some problems lately with the finish bubbling on the inside corners of guitars that are being finished with lacquer. It happens either at a neck joint or at the bridge on a steel string guitar. We are at a loss as we have tried thinning the lacquer more and we also have tried...
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    Better than double sided tape

    Here's one more for you Vaughn. If I remember correctly the back is Spanish cedar. We just finished up one made from redwood dimensional lumber that had some figure in it.
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    Better than double sided tape

    We use this to hold parts on the cnc. Four pieces just 1/2" wide by 1-=1/2" long will hold a electric body to the table for final milling.
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    Jointer + power feeder, love it or hate it?

    If your thinking about a power feeder for a jointer then the ones you are looking at are not meant to be used on a jointer. They actually make specialized power feeders for a jointer such as this one. Here is a link to a supplier showing the proper types of power feeders for various...
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    ...and its Friday! Again.

    This is what I brought home today. I definitely need to develop some calluses on my finger tips!
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    A very special project to me - may I?

    Jason the lining will bend around that tight curve. We do it all the time.
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    Interesting CL ad - air compressor from an engine

    The last cabinet shop I worked in had a compressor that was a ford 302 with cylinder heads that had read valves. Only two cylinders would be pumping the others would cycle in two at a time as needed depending on the cfm needed. I think it was rated at 40 hp and 105 cfm.