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  1. Leo Voisine

    Friday 2/16/2024

    Just finishing stripping the wallpaper. Next is to finish framing the new closet door then to finalize the wallboard to get ready for painting.
  2. Leo Voisine

    5' x 5' CNC Router Build

    I have been using ONLY distilled water for the past 4-5 years. I built a coolant tank with baffels to reduce as much as possible any debris from making a full circle. As trash enters the coolant tank it gets trapped in there. The industrial machines have baffles, so why not me. It has a...
  3. Leo Voisine

    FRiday 1/19/24

    Crawling around in my attic trying to reroute a light switch. Tearing down a closet wall and getting ready to build a laundry room. Will be running a 220v 30a circuit and a new 110v 20a circuit Hot and cold water lines and a 2" drain. That is all in between building kitchen cabinets. This...
  4. Leo Voisine

    How cold is it?

    Will get up to 58 tomorrow - but mostly above freezing for daytime - mid 30 to mid 40's Nighttime sometimes getting to mid teens to mid 20, often just above freezing
  5. Leo Voisine

    Friday 12JAN24

    Still woozy from covid but on the mend Slowly moving forward on kitchen cabinets
  6. Leo Voisine

    Will wonders never cease

    Fusion 360 is an Autodesk company. I was not getting the hang of Fusion as it functions quite differently that was I am best it which is Solidworks. I used Solidworks every day to design jigs and fixtures at work as well as lots of other things. After 10 years every da it was just...
  7. Leo Voisine

    2024 - Off to a rip roaring start.

    Diane and I have it as well. We are taking the paxlovid day 5. Feeling a bit better but worn down.
  8. Leo Voisine

    what is best glue to secure plastic to wood

    Lord Adhesives 310A/B
  9. Leo Voisine

    Etsy alternatives (list)

    That is worth looking into for sure
  10. Leo Voisine

    Friday 5Jan24

    Building Kitchen Cabinets
  11. Leo Voisine

    Inflation is out of control!

    I ordered 2 qts
  12. Leo Voisine

    Friday 12/28 edition

    Count me in on the pee routine - no other reason to be awake at midnight
  13. Leo Voisine

    Friday 12/28 edition

    Well whats the difference - Thursday - Friday - Saturday They are all the same to me. I am working on kitchen cabinets - today specifically, finishing up on a couple of counter tops.
  14. Leo Voisine

    Gluing magnets

    For that job, ohh ok. I think rough up the glue surface like I said above. Super clean with DNA. The loctite 2 part is pretty good. I use a fair amount. That will work well. Lots of other strength in there as well.
  15. Leo Voisine

    Gluing magnets

    I would use a high quality 2 part epoxy - BUT - A shiny smooth surface is the enemy of any adhesive. I would GRIND a VERY rough surface for the epoxy to adhere to, even to the point to grind away the chrome coating. Clean the surface with DNA then DO NOT touch the glue surface Chance of...
  16. Leo Voisine

    Today was a Hurkle-Durkle Day

    Yeah, I do that from time to time. Today was just after 5
  17. Leo Voisine

    Friday the 22nd it will bee a very busy day

    Starting on 3 new kitchen cabinets. Solidworks is working great so the design work is almost done. I think I will make it a video series. I am sooooo far behind on youtube. Cool stuff is still on the painting table. I -- NEED -- the kitchen cabinets. Sunday at my daughters house for our...
  18. Leo Voisine

    Another Street Sign

    Awesome work I like it Those signs are a great money maker as well. I call it a self sustaining hobby.
  19. Leo Voisine


    Ahhh the calm after the storm I gotta do some clean up today
  20. Leo Voisine

    Last Saturday

    It really gets me going when I watch someone like Blacktail Studios mixing and pouring 5 gallons onto one project. I have a couple of projects in mind but maybe splurge and mix up maybe 2 whole cups.