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  1. Brian Corrigan

    Wood for exterior door

    Planning to make a new back door for our house. It's the door most people use, so it should look nice. I'm going to put a window in it. What's a good, readily available (I'm in the NE) paintable wood for that purpose? Thanks! Brian
  2. Brian Corrigan

    Automatic dust collection

    At long last I'm moving my shop out of the damp, low-ceilinged basement and out to the dry, airy, double-doored garage. The garage is unfinished, so I get to start from scratch with the electrical system. I'd like to set it up so that, if I start either the mitre saw or table saw, the dust...
  3. Brian Corrigan

    Wood gone wonky – an idiot level question

    I'm trying to make some old-fashioned wood storm windows for my 1902 garage. I bought a couple of 6" 5/4 pine boards at Home Despot, made sure they were nice and straight in all directions, took them down to my shop and ripped a 2" piece off of one of them. That piece immediately skewed by...
  4. Brian Corrigan

    8 sided pyramid math problem

    It's too much for my meager math skills. I'm trying to build a birdfeeder for my wife for Christmas that replicates the gazebo-shaped addition off the back of our house. The addition has an eight-sided roof that comes to a point in the center, kind of like a squat steeple. I can calculate the...
  5. Brian Corrigan

    Finish Deterioration

    Can somebody help me with a finish mystery? We've got a Morris chair that we bought from E.J. Audi-Stickley around fifteen years ago. It's identical to the one in the attached photo. We keep it in an addition off the back of our house, an octagon-shaped room that's mostly windows on five...
  6. Brian Corrigan

    Bypassing safety key

    So, I bought this Delta ShopMaster jointer (JT-160) on eBay. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Well, it comes close. But I didn't have a jointer, can't afford the real thing right now, so I have to make do. Anyway, I set it up today and was all set to turn it on... but I can't. That...
  7. Brian Corrigan

    Help me choose a wood.

    Here's a photo of a Greene & Greene picture frame I'd like to make: It doesn't say what kind of wood it is, but most of the stuff in that particular house is mahogany. I would assume, since it's over 100 years old, it's Honduras mahogany. I can find Honduras mahogany nearby, but I want to...
  8. Brian Corrigan

    Delta Contractor blade won't lock in place

    I've got a Delta Contractor Saw that's about 20 years old. The new SawStop cabinet saw gets here on Monday. I'm just a home woodworker, so the the contractor saw may be old, but there really should be a lot of use in for somebody with the time and skills to spruce it up a bit. It's the tilt...