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  1. Robert Horky

    I want one of these ...

    Just had to share this. You will want one too. Table Saw ... homemade ...
  2. Robert Horky

    Tapeless Tape Measure

    Had not seen this before. Rather unique. Not sure if really practical. Just thought I would...
  3. Robert Horky

    3 down, 3 to go

    Jewelry boxes for the Grand Daughters who range in age from 12 to 1. Wood is Walnut, Jatoba, Ebony (drawer pulls), Ebony stained walnut (feet), Ash (drawer boxes) and Baltic Birch ply (drawer bottoms and dividers) Joinery is sliding dovetail (sides to base), rabbets, dowels (end wing rails to...
  4. Robert Horky

    Legacy Explorer II .. need some help

    Background: I am not familiar with this machine and am trying to help a friend who has one but is having trouble to get it to run properly Design software: Aspire Machine software: Mach 3 The issue: load the work piece onto the table and zero out x-y on the top center of the work piece...
  5. Robert Horky

    Merry Christmas .. I got 'em done

    26 in total. Wood is cherry. Paint is acrylic art paint. Finish is shellac. Lots and lots of CNC hours, painting, sanding ... but so far have gone over very well with all the recipients. 100% give aways (no craft fairs, etc.) for family and friends. Thanks for looking.
  6. Robert Horky

    Storage Cabinet for Under the CNC

    Needed to turn this mostly unusable space into something functional. Not a glamorous project but well needed. I need to clean up the wiring and fasten it down and should be good. Construction: BB plywood, 3/4 and 1/2, rabbet/dado joints. Finish: shellac (to minimize sanding), several...
  7. Robert Horky

    Family Reunion time .. again

    The winners of this year's bean bag/corn hole tournament will receive a Pipe Ball Game. A little wood, some CNC work, some PVC pipe, some paint, some silicone and clamps .. and they are good to go. still debating if I should color in the lettering Thanks for looking.
  8. Robert Horky

    Getting ready for Easter

    Having more fun with the CNC. Wood is cherry, colors are acrylic paint, then Watco Natural Danish Oil. Once the oil dries .. allowing several days .. it will get a few coat of satin poly. Thanks for looking.
  9. Robert Horky

    For my cousin the RV'r

    12” x 12” .. wood is cherry, paint is black acrylic, finish is one coat of shellac, two coats of General Finishes High Performance Topcoat, satin. Thanks for looking.
  10. Robert Horky

    Santa is coming to town

    A Christmas sign for the house. Wood is cherry, paint is black acrylic, finish is GF High Performance topcoat, satin. Thanks for looking.
  11. Robert Horky

    For my cousin - the sailor

    Just had to do something for my cousin who loves to sail. I thought he would like this. I'll know soon as it sails off to him today. Wood is cherry, paint is black acrylic, finish is HP High Performance topcoat, satin. Thanks for looking.
  12. Robert Horky

    Christmas sings - Family Tree

    Made 9 of these so far. 2 or three more to go as the LOML keeps adding to the list. Wood is maple, paint is acrylic, finish is GF High Performance Topcoat, Satin. Lots of fun. Thanks for looking.
  13. Robert Horky

    Dog Bones

    Grand daughters in town visiting so we put the CNC machine to work. Made from Oak. They came up with the idea, helped with the design, did all the sanding, painting, urethaning, drilling and hammering/screwing. A fun time for sure. Both signed and dated. Thanks for looking.
  14. Robert Horky

    New Kitchen Table

    Finally did a project for the LOML. Replaced our old table but did use the slide mechanism. Wood: oak Finish: water based grain filler, General Finishes Oil based stain, General Finishes High Performance poly Dimensions: 42” wide x 60” long w/o leafs. two 12” leafs thus 84” long w/ leafs. All...
  15. Robert Horky

    50th Wedding Anniversary

    BIL/SIL's 50th is coming up next month. Made this plaque for them. Wood is cherry with Natural Danish Oil. Thanks for looking. And thanks to Leo for the guidance on chip loads, router speeds and feed rates.
  16. Robert Horky

    Memorial Bench

    Chicago recently lost a diving team firefighter during a search and rescue mission. The bench back from one of the firehouses made its way to me with a request to add the logo and dedication sign to it. The bench was built by one of the firefighters. I did the CNC work on the logo sign and...
  17. Robert Horky

    CNC cut depth/feed rate question

    I am looking to use a 6.2 degree, 1/32" ball nose bit to engrave a sign. What router speed, cut depth and feed rate should I use? Hardwood? Softwood? I have no experience with this bit as yet so looking for guidance. Thanks.
  18. Robert Horky

    Games for the family reunion

    The reunion will be here shortly so threw these together as the prizes for the winner of the corn hole tournament we have each year. Made from 2x material from the big box store and some baltic birch ply for the carrying box. All 54 blocks are jointed, planed and chamferred on all edges...
  19. Robert Horky

    Drill Press Cabinet

    Nothing fancy but highly functional. Push to open drawers so no pulls needed. Pocket screws for the box construction. Simply sets on the base of the drill press and can be slid off if need be. Now just have to put on some finish and fill it up. Thanks for looking.
  20. Robert Horky

    CNC to M&M

    Well, I have access to a CNC and I have been learning/playing. Saw this from Dan and just had to try .. Cut the pieces: Found that the gear, same thickness as spacer behind it, did not spin when...