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  1. Robert Horky

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    Buu ... teee ... ful! They will be most appreciated. Looking forward to the rest of the build.
  2. Robert Horky

    Fathers Day Present

    Very nice. I am sure it will be appreciated. Consider a box under it to store the playing cards and pegs.
  3. Robert Horky

    Happy Birthday Jim DeLaney!

    Another one? Already? Hope it is a special day with many, many more to follow. Enjoy!
  4. Robert Horky

    Pizza Peel

    Great looking and should work well. Enjoy!
  5. Robert Horky

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    Thanks Rennie. This is really looking great.
  6. Robert Horky

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    Looking good. Glad to hear the new lumber worked out well. The cutout in the top of the headboard is for ????
  7. Robert Horky

    corona virus comment

    Jonathan, about that video link. Here is what the AAAS has to say about it: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science Journal “Mikovits also accuses Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and a prominent member of...
  8. Robert Horky

    Coffee table in the works

    It's gonna be beautiful !!!
  9. Robert Horky

    Jewelry chest

    Very, very nice. It will be loved.
  10. Robert Horky

    First loaves out of my new mixer.

    Yummy, yummy in the tummy for sure.
  11. Robert Horky

    I want one of these ...

    Just had to share this. You will want one too. Table Saw ... homemade ...
  12. Robert Horky

    An ethics question

    Looking forward to yet another great project build. Fully support and agree with the 'no issue to build'.
  13. Robert Horky

    Stunning Maple and Wenge Keepsake Box

    Awesome. Great job. Beautiful wood combination.
  14. Robert Horky

    cribbcross boards

    Very nice looking. I just may have to consider giving one of these a go myself. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Robert Horky

    There goes my weekend

    Rennie, I may be totally crazy but is there any chance the pulley is threaded onto the shaft? Those two holes for some type of spanner wrench to turn it? Just thinking out of the box.
  16. Robert Horky

    Walnut box

    Very, very nice. It will be appreciated for sure.
  17. Robert Horky

    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    Looking great !!!
  18. Robert Horky

    Screw Threads Tutorial Video

    Great stuff. I'll have to watch many times to fully digest all the details. Thanks for sharing this.
  19. Robert Horky

    New woodworking bench in the works - Completed!!!

    one beautiful bench. Great job. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy it.
  20. Robert Horky

    Leo's Workshop - sorta neat

    Very impressive for sure. Thanks for the tour.