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  1. Robert Rose

    Repairing sanding belts

    I've read a lot about repairing belts and how it is near impossible without the magic adhesives use by belt manufactures. I thought I would throw my two cents in. I used 3m 5200 and tyvek (or any similar material i.e. house wrap) First remove the old splice material or it will fail again. Tyvek...
  2. Robert Rose

    Jewelry Storage

    I started this in late Oct. and finished first of Dec., but had not posted until now due to Irma and clean-up, trip to relatives / friends, broken ribs crashing my bike and Christmas. So here it is. I have to confess I stole the design from my friend. He is a wood worker with a decided artistic...
  3. Robert Rose


    Well I knew it was bound to happen one day, after 40 years it looks like my luck may have run out. Irma is a couple of days out but the track is looking real bad for us. Here is hoping for a southerly pass of the Keys.That puts us on the good side (if you cam call any side of a hurricane the...
  4. Robert Rose

    Bathroom mirror problem

    I have a three pane vanity mirror, where the two outside panes are on doors that swing in. Here is the problem. I had to remove the frames around them to get rid of the ugly paint on them. Broke one pane and had it replaced (professionally done). The frames use silicone to attach them to the...
  5. Robert Rose

    Fishing Pole Rack

    Started this on Saturday and finished today. Nothing fancy but functional. Made for my neighbor's birthday. Added two carved relief fish (dolphin, yellow tail) on either end.
  6. Robert Rose

    Shop LED Lighting

    I had a melt down of my twin bulb 40w florescence fixtures last week. First one fixture would not start - ballast shot. Then a second one and a three one had one bulb burn out and replacement bulbs would not light either. With my poor eyes straining to see I finally went looking for replacement...
  7. Robert Rose

    Zebra wood hall table

    I've been asked to build a half oval hall table for a good friend out of zebra wood. I've never used it and was wondering as to work ability and suggestions for final finish. From what I have read it does not seem to pose any major challenge, but thought I would ask the FWW crowd for things to...
  8. Robert Rose

    A Different Kind Done

    I took to long, but it's done. Original thread was a "different kind of pine". More commonly called Dade County Pine. Think it came out nice, the newly weds love it. Watco Danish Oil (Natural) with 4 coats of Polcrylic to stand up to kitchen use. (factory legs)
  9. Robert Rose

    A different kind of pine

    I was building a rustic table of Dade County Pine (Pinus elliotti var. densa) for a wedding gift and thought maybe everyone would like to take a look at it. It certainly very different looking than Southern yellow pine or for that matter, any other pine spieces. Dade County pine is a very dense...
  10. Robert Rose

    My Shop

    I've been a member for a month or two and enjoy the forum and seeing other shops. I live in the FL Keys and TS Noel is about to blow in on us. I work out of my garage (no car gets in here) about 25X18. I didn't clean up anything be for the photo's - after all, where would I put it. Note the...