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  1. Charles Lent

    I need a hair cut

    Got mine done today at 1:00. There was so much hair on the floor that I commented about them maybe needing to bale it tonight, and they agreed. Charley
  2. Charles Lent

    Question about a DIY table saw work station.

    Bill, A Unifence has a carriage that rides along a single front rail and locks in place with one lever. There are adjustment screws on the face of it to calibrate the fence to be parallel with the blade and miter slots. An aluminum extrusion makes up the actual fence and is attached to the...
  3. Charles Lent

    Flexible temp power solution

    I was a licensed electrician (Actually EE) Automation Engineer, plant safety, and fire marshal for a 3.8 million sq ft manufacturing and research facility (before 1st retirement) and I always preferred the ground pin up orientation, more because it is longer than the others and easier to see...
  4. Charles Lent

    I need a hair cut

    I mow my lawn like that. Charley
  5. Charles Lent

    Radial arm saw question

    Damian, welcome to our sawdust pile. We like to help, so don't hesitate to ask questions. The only dumb question is the one not asked. I hope this helps with your saw problem. If I didn't provide enough or the correct information, don't hesitate to ask for what I have omitted. If I don't have...
  6. Charles Lent

    I need a hair cut

    A sure sign that your mask isn't protecting you. The cheap ones (not very cheap now) don't have an adequate sized wire in them to allow you to form them over your nose. When your breath is fogging your glasses, inhaled air is getting through the same leak, so the mask isn't doing it's job. I've...
  7. Charles Lent

    Bad Collet ??? - Solved

    Another thing that I do now, thanks to Marc Sommerfeld, is to place a rubber grommet or "O" Ring in the router shaft below the collet. This provides a soft cushion to keep you from inserting the bit too far. You can bottom out the bit shaft against this cushion, tighten the collet, and not have...
  8. Charles Lent

    Bad Collet ??? - Solved

    Normally, the nut snaps onto the groove in the collet and stays with the collet. Some even have a snap ring to keep the nut attached to the collet. When you loosen the collet nut, you should then need to turn the nut another half to full turn and then use the wrench the second time. This second...
  9. Charles Lent

    Question about a DIY table saw work station.

    With a smaller table saw, it's usually the fence that gives the most trouble and the desire for a better saw. If the fence is acceptable, then it's the motor size that becomes unacceptable. Recent smaller saws have universal motors, like electric drills, and they scream when used, so the noise...
  10. Charles Lent

    Since Christmas is right around the corner

    Being as closely tied to a "wood Burner" replica as I am (see avatar) I have to comment that your photo choice for a wood burning steam locomotive is not very accurate. In today's World, when not many have even seen a real steam locomotive, this is not surprising, but if you are going to make...
  11. Charles Lent

    I need a hair cut

    I have a buddy with very little hair on top. Yesterday he told me he needed a haircut, and I asked "Which one?" He gave me a frown in return. Another buddy, also with very little hair on top, seems to not catch on to things happening very quickly. A few years ago, something happened that made...
  12. Charles Lent

    Climb Cut vs conventional

    I only climb cut for the last finishing pass, removing very little material. It serves to clean up rough cuts and works well, but it's dangerous to use a climb cut to remove any significant amount of material. Charley
  13. Charles Lent

    Sign for the snow birds

    That's a very nice sign. It should help to make the delivery drivers and emergency responders take notice, but sometimes it takes more than nice signs to get deliveries and emergency personnel to the correct place. Some years back when I was an EMT on a rescue squad, the dispatchers would tell...
  14. Charles Lent

    How to cut a concrete retainer wall block

    Instead of cutting the one block smaller, have you considered shaving the ends of the rest? With an angle grinder, taking a bit off many blocks might be a more reliable way to do this, and there wouldn't be one off-size block this way. Charley
  15. Charles Lent

    How to cut a concrete retainer wall block

    Make a line where you want to cut it using a hammer and a wide mason's chisel. Just light taps enough to make the line. Continue back and forth along the line. Do the same on the bottom in the same position as the top line. Alternate back and forth slowly, very slowly, increasing the hammer...
  16. Charles Lent

    An ethics question

    Don't go into production and it will be fine. Your dimensions and some small details will likely be different anyway. One or two for just one customer? In my opinion, you have nothing to worry about. Fifty pieces to many customers is when the legal teams start attacking. Charley
  17. Charles Lent

    Rolling stand/storage for my new commercial mixer.

    That ought to do it. Looking good, so far. That is one serious mixer. Charley
  18. Charles Lent

    Question regarding 45-degree lock miter bits.

    That is a very heavy duty mixer. If you will be building the box from Baltic Birch, have you considered box joints? Done right, and with the right setup, they can look very nice in Baltic Birch plywood. I've made quite a few boxes using it. See my post about "Apple Boxes" today. Not near as...
  19. Charles Lent

    Question regarding 45-degree lock miter bits.

    Bill's photo shows the proper position of everything, but not enough detail to make it work easily. Sorry Bill. Getting the fence and bit height "just right" when using these bits tends to be difficult, but not impossible. Several vendors provide gauge blocks to help you get their bits set just...
  20. Charles Lent

    I made myself some Apple Boxes

    I decided last week that my photo/video studio needed some Apple Boxes, so I made two sets of them, partly because I wasn't impressed with the ready made ones that are for sale, and partly because I needed something to keep me busy during this lock-up. I have a shop with cabinet making...