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  1. Roy Bauman

    Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

    Back in the fall of 2014 one of my neighbors was moving and set this old tablesaw out for trash pickup and being the scavenger I am it wound up at my house. It sat out behind my shop for about six months. It was already in pretty rough shape when I moved it to the house and sitting outside...
  2. Roy Bauman

    Weekend is coming...

    ...and it might be a productive weekend in the shop. I was going to make the trip into Columbus for the Woodworking Show but today the Governor put the kibosh on gatherings over 100 people due to the coronavirus so that show has been cancelled. Looks like there won’t be any sporting events to...
  3. Roy Bauman

    New toy

    I was given this from a friend and fellow woodworker. He built a nice bench for his Dewalt sliding mitersaw and he hasn’t used this so he thought maybe I could.
  4. Roy Bauman

    Bessey 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away

    All you Facebook users, The 2019 Giveaway starts tomorrow Dec. 4th and runs through the 19th. Good luck everybody!
  5. Roy Bauman

    Something New for Something Old

    My daughter, Sarah, asked me to build this for her. The sewing machine is a Singer Model 66, manufactured September 9, 1919 that was originally on a treadle base. It had been left sitting outside so when she got it all the original wood parts were falling apart or gone. My son-in-law made a nice...
  6. Roy Bauman

    You Just Never Know

    I found these shaper cutters through a local marketplace add and the seller was located just a couple miles from where I work. He was asking $15.00 a piece or $125 for all of them (eleven at that time). when I got to the house he had a found two more and I gave him $135 for all 13. The...
  7. Roy Bauman

    Another Disston for the Collection

    I picked this up last week at a little antique consignment shop while on vacation in Frankfort, Mich. for $10.00. It's a Disston 112 with a medallion that dates it between 1917 and 1940. I was able to narrow that down to early '20's after doing a little research on the Disstonian Institute...
  8. Roy Bauman

    Slight Distraction

    When we moved int our home twelve years ago the porch posts had been replaced with plain 4x4 treated timber. The second summer after moving in I built these fluted column wraps from 1x pine lumber to get a more classical look. After ten seasons they were in need of a new paint job so they got a...
  9. Roy Bauman

    Queen Anne Redo

    The one remaining historical feature in our 1890's home is this cool little Queen Anne window. My initial plan was to pull the window out, clean everything up then re-glaze, repaint and reinstall. Upon further inspection I see that a lot of the wood, especially in the muntins, is pretty well...
  10. Roy Bauman

    What's all this yellow dust?

    Well, it's Memorial Day weekend so it must be mating season for the pine trees. I don't believe I have ever seen this much pine pollen in my life. Every time the wind kicks up you can see a yellow cloud of dust coming off the pines. Everything in my yard is coated with a nice layer of fine...
  11. Roy Bauman

    A Pain in the Knee

    LOML decided last week she was tired of watching me limp around my gimpy knee so today I went see the ortho surgeon. Looks like sometime in the next few weeks I will be undergoing a partial knee replacement on my right knee. It's an outpatient procedure so I'll be home the day of the operation...
  12. Roy Bauman

    Auxiliary Router Fence

    Since I've added the router table wing and new fence to the table saw I felt that an auxiliary router fence was in order. I wanted something I could hook up dust collection to so after a bit of research I decided on this style fence. The faces are adjustable from zero to three inches and I will...
  13. Roy Bauman

    Anybody up for S'mores?

    I built these for my son's wedding reception at the request of his wonderful bride, Rachel. It's basically a 6" wide by 48" long box about 2 3/4" deep. The crown molding around the outside dictated the depth of the box and the width of the trim around the top on this set. There is a piece of 1...
  14. Roy Bauman

    New Old Stuff for the Shop

    I recently picked up this Craftsman 12" table Saw from a friend who was cleaning out his garage. Cost me a whopping $75.00. First thing I did was replace the extension wing with my router table to gain a little floor space. This past weekend I picked up the Excalibur fence and installed that...
  15. Roy Bauman

    Been away too long

    Hey y'all, between work, shop time and family stuff it's been way too long since I've taken the time to check in. Good to catch up, hope everyone is doing well.
  16. Roy Bauman

    Competition for Saw Stop?

    Anybody else see this? I happened across this yesterday while doing some research on a Bosch 1611 router that I found for sale. This was just posted yesterday on The Wood Magazine site.
  17. Roy Bauman


    Well, my son-in-law talked me into going to the Columbus Woodworking Show this Saturday. I haven't been to one in a long time. I'm wondering if i should have LOML take all the credit cards out of my wallet before I head out?
  18. Roy Bauman

    A few ornaments

    My wife asked me to make a few ornaments to give as gifts to a few friends. She needed twelve and each one had to be unique. I glued up some walnut and maple and some walnut and cherry and cut them into 4 1/2" long blanks and just started turning. These are the results of a few hours of relaxing...
  19. Roy Bauman

    Minor Kitchen Remodel

    It wasn't exactly how I had planned to spend 5 weekends of the summer but...... It all started the first week of July, I knew we had a leak somewhere in the roof over the kitchen but I didn't realize how bad of a leak it was till the monsoons hit. A small hairline crack in the ceiling that...
  20. Roy Bauman

    Allis Chalmers 190 XT (in cherry)

    This is probably one of my favorite projects ever. I built this for my father in law in 1989 for Christmas. He passed away about a year and half ago and it was recently given back to me for safe keeping. I've also built a couple of Farmall M's and I have a John Deere "B" and an Oliver 1650...