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  1. Roy Bauman

    Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

    All done with the basic machine. I do plan to add a new router table extension wing but other than that it’s all finished. I rewired the motor to run on 220, it’s a 1HP, might shop around for a 2 HP but this will do for now The fence is set up and adjusted A couple of shots with the dust...
  2. Roy Bauman

    Recent Work

    Looking good Steve!
  3. Roy Bauman

    Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

    A little more progress Old school alignment with the good old combination square. Extension wings installed Of course the holes in the rear fence rail don’t line up with anything. Go figure.
  4. Roy Bauman

    Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

    A little more progress over the weekend: Fourth and final coat of paint A little pinstriping, just for fun. Dry fit of the table and hand wheels. I’m really happy with the way this is coming together.
  5. Roy Bauman

    Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

    That is sweet job on that fence. I have an Excalibur 36” capacity fence I’ll take off the old 12” machine.
  6. Roy Bauman

    Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

    A few additional photo of progress so far: The table is rust free now. Quite an involved process but I am happy with the results. I purchased the new handwheels from Grizzly. This is the very rusty extension wing all cleaned and painted with Rustoleum Charcoal Gray from a rattle can. This is...
  7. Roy Bauman

    Craftsman 113 Tablesaw refurb

    Back in the fall of 2014 one of my neighbors was moving and set this old tablesaw out for trash pickup and being the scavenger I am it wound up at my house. It sat out behind my shop for about six months. It was already in pretty rough shape when I moved it to the house and sitting outside...
  8. Roy Bauman

    What are you doinng during CV-19

    I work, or I guess that is worked, for an architectural that has a lot of major retail and restaurant clients. It did not take long for the snowball from all the closings to roll through our firm. Went from 85 employees to roughly 40 in about five days and it will get worse before it gets...
  9. Roy Bauman

    Something New for Something Old

    Laid off from my job this past Thursday due to corona virus so I have some time on my hands. I haven’t had a lot of time over the past several months for shop time but since everything came to a screeching halt I had time to finally get this finished.
  10. Roy Bauman

    Just In the Mood

    From the Kennedy Center Honors a few years back. The look on Merle's face says it all.
  11. Roy Bauman

    Weekend is coming...

    ...and it might be a productive weekend in the shop. I was going to make the trip into Columbus for the Woodworking Show but today the Governor put the kibosh on gatherings over 100 people due to the coronavirus so that show has been cancelled. Looks like there won’t be any sporting events to...
  12. Roy Bauman

    My shop

    Doh! I didn't notice the date, I did't realize till now this was a revived post. The Myspace links should have been a clue but I'm not that quick on my feet anymore. Actually I was never that quick, on my feet or otherwise but that's a whole 'nother thread altogether.
  13. Roy Bauman

    My shop

    Very nice shop Karl, I would love to have that kind of space. On a side note, I am only able to view the YouTube tour of the shop, I can’t access any of the other images. Part of that may be due to the fact I recently deactivated my Facebook account and I see some of the photos are linked to...
  14. Roy Bauman

    New toy

    I was given this from a friend and fellow woodworker. He built a nice bench for his Dewalt sliding mitersaw and he hasn’t used this so he thought maybe I could.
  15. Roy Bauman

    Friday 28Feb20

    Need to do a little reorganizing in the shop to gain some floor space. I'll probably spend the better part of the day Saturday working on that. I'm sure once I get the space cleared I can quickly find something to fill it back up.
  16. Roy Bauman

    I do like the new site

    I like it! You guys did a great job with this.
  17. Roy Bauman

    Bessey 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away

    All you Facebook users, The 2019 Giveaway starts tomorrow Dec. 4th and runs through the 19th. Good luck everybody!
  18. Roy Bauman

    Something New for Something Old

    My daughter, Sarah, asked me to build this for her. The sewing machine is a Singer Model 66, manufactured September 9, 1919 that was originally on a treadle base. It had been left sitting outside so when she got it all the original wood parts were falling apart or gone. My son-in-law made a nice...
  19. Roy Bauman

    You Just Never Know

    I found these shaper cutters through a local marketplace add and the seller was located just a couple miles from where I work. He was asking $15.00 a piece or $125 for all of them (eleven at that time). when I got to the house he had a found two more and I gave him $135 for all 13. The...
  20. Roy Bauman

    Another Disston for the Collection

    I picked this up last week at a little antique consignment shop while on vacation in Frankfort, Mich. for $10.00. It's a Disston 112 with a medallion that dates it between 1917 and 1940. I was able to narrow that down to early '20's after doing a little research on the Disstonian Institute...