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  1. J

    Swap project complete

    Used to stop this kind of behavior from Patriot fans. That is all. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Hatch chilies on sale!

    So last year Brent and I went on a buying spree for Hatch peppers (not going to argue the name...don't care). Found them again at Railys today and it brought to mind a recipe MJ sent me a while back. Chicken enchilada casserole.'s major yummy! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  3. J

    kind of a fun sauce

    Things here are two steps beyond crazy, so we cook. Cooking shows usually dispay a Coulis of a sort. It's fish tonight and this was something I could grab from the store. The other half is potato zuc with cheese sauce. Simple bechamel (spell) sauce with a lot,of Cheddar cheese. Layer the...
  4. J

    Not a bad idea for Sunday morning

    DVR is your friend when you works NOC shift so we checked this our on ATK from a few weeks ago. Having struggled with frittatas' in general, was able to use a sun dried tomato/basil sausage with 20% fat made a couple weeks ago. Could use a little more browning top and bottom. Pasta frittata was...
  5. J

    And a belated Happy Birthday to....

    The big MC or Mr Mack Cameron!! Hope it was a fun one bud!
  6. J

    Little somethin' from BW15

    Due to a convoluted non attendance thing, the Ambassador set me a couple things via a big box. Cheesy phone pic, but Larry sent me some stuff several years ago with tons of figure. The mills coming from those blanks are being well received and these are crazy amazing! Mucho gras bud! Sent...
  7. J

    What does your Friday have in store!

    Brewing my wife's favorite Hefeweizen this morning. Movies, which we haven't done in a really really long time, then Food Truck Friday; about 15 local food trucks in one area, music, beer...all the stuff that make Friday fun! How about you folks?
  8. J

    Anyone in the Seattle area?

    We'll be there for a couple days and would love to find Family folks near by. :wave:
  9. J

    Kind of a flag look

    Couple V2', white and blue alumilite. No sanding...skew, 0000 steel wool and Hut. Thank for looking!
  10. J

    Been a while

    I don't do many bowls anymore's a bowl! I may have a spot as an instructor at the local wood working store so I figured it maybe time to refresh the skills. Not sure what the wood is but it's been in the shop for 7-8 years. 9" x 3" with 1/2" walls. Burned the rim but not to...
  11. J

    Little casting and spinning.

    Back to work tomorrow so I wanted to knock some stuff out of the shop. Alumilite on worthless wood...dark blue/silver and purple/yellow on a couple Sierra's and a V2. Friend of mine up the road just sold $800 on day one of a two day craft show. We are sharing a booth at the next one! Thanks for...
  12. J

    Caffeine all day long

    First of these I made the blank for. Coffee beans in Alumilite on a two tone chrome Sierra. Kind of a luke warm reception at the cooking school open house last night, but the asst head chef Tim wants handles made for his custom chef knives...including stabilizing....hmmm...I can do that...
  13. J

    Group shot

    Added a pinecone and peppercorn and peas mix. Both in white Alumilite and Sierra styles with different plating. 8 coats of CA knocked down with 0000 steel wool. Thanks for looking!
  14. J

    Almost something new

    Finally tried Alumilite and am totally amazed! Having done PR for years and sworn off inlace, this was the next logical step for a caster. Already re-ordered another batch. So....all are clear alumilite...bottom has white dye with rainbow pasta. Middle is 4 color peppercorns with green and...
  15. J

    If this won't cut it...

    Grinder was on back order. Finally showed up yesterday. With a one month vacation starting, sorta, this needed to get done. Maybe a CBN someday...but not sure if my limited skills would know the difference :o;)
  16. J

    Burl score

    Picked up loads of black cherry burl from a guy on Facebook. This is a commission pen for a guy at work to his dad...Big time game hunter. Bolt action cherry burl. 8 coats of CA knocked down with 0000 steel wool. Not fond of the real turning involved but they sell. Thanks for looking!
  17. J

    Finally finished

    This is the finished product. Had to redo the top since I didn't drill the insert hole deep enough the first time. Maple with 8 coats of WOP. Kinda plain but it will go to a good home. 8.5" tall.
  18. J

    Little idea help folks

    So another smaller mill for the shop and I'm not happy with the top. Narrower, shorter....just don't know. The collective mind is far better than my 2-3 brain cells left in the cellar. Many thanks
  19. J

    Off to the showroom

    This is a cherry crush grind. Big inclusion filled with mustard seed and CA. 8 coats of WOP. 9.5" tall. Thanks for looking!
  20. J

    Need a.....

    Anyone make knife blocks? I have the wood, but not the tools or knowledge. The store bought models are nowhere near what my requirements are. Have lumber and some $$ for anyone who might want to take it on. Thanks!!